July 21, 2017

Ben Grubbs Will Likely Test The Market

The second biggest need for the Bengals to address this offseason is the offensive line, particularly the guard positions. A solid run blocking guard will elevate the running game — and by extension, the entire offense — immediately.

The top free agent guards this year are NO’s Carl Nicks and Baltimore’s Ben Grubbs. As I read a story from PFT.com, Grubbs appears ready to put his skills on the market to find the highest bidder.

That is great news for the Bengals, who not only could fill a big need for themselves but leave a large hole in a division opponent’s roster at the same time. That’s as good as scoring oversized beers at even cheaper prices during happy hour at your favorite restaurant.

But will the Bengals be willing to spend that kind of money?

Grubbs is clearly looking to land a large contract. The Bengals won’t be the only team interested in him. He accounted for $3.7M against the Ravens’ salary cap last year. He will want more than that this year, probably something closer to the $5.7M that Nick Mangold will make this year.

Traditionally averse to high-priced free agents, the Bengals should make an exception in this case. Giving Grubbs around $5M/yr will not wreck the salary cap. But it would be the biggest value for the dollar spent on bringing in a guy, and it would be one of the better values for all of the Bengals’ signings in free agency.

Make it happen, Mike. Make. It. Happen.


  1. Reedy tweeted last night that the Bengals are more likely to go after Grubbs than Nicks. If he’s willing to accept about 6 mil/year or less Cincy might do it. I sure hope so. But I still see them being a bit stingy even with ample cap space.