June 22, 2017

‘The Grin’ Is Gone!!

There are a number of professional sports players who irritate me like sand in the swim trunks. Tom Brady is chief among them. This usually happens with great players who play for teams I happen to dislike. But while plenty of guys irritate me, there are very few professional sports players that I genuinely hate.

Hines Ward is one of them.

He was in my top 5 irritating players for a long time. That changed on Oct 19, 2008. When he broke Keith Rivers’ jaw with a patented Steelers-style dirty, lower-the-helmet hit (that he helped make illegal) and then stood over him to gloat, a new hate was born in me. Ever since that day, I have wanted someone to remove his stupid grin in a manner much like that received by Rivers.

While I can’t announce that level of retribution, I’ve got the next best thing. The Steelers have announced that they are cutting Ward from the team.

Happy “Cut The Hiney” Day!

I love that he got cut rather than retiring. The Steelers are clearly telling him than that he is no longer worth the cap space he was taking. They need other players more than they need him.

Ward says that he plans to play next year. While I would relish seeing all 29 other teams pass on him, someone will take a flier on him and see what he has left in training camp. He is so contaminated with The Pitts that I doubt he would play for another AFC North team… unless he’s completely ate up with revenge, which I might actually respect.

Until we see where he lands, enjoy the fact that we will never again see Hines Ward in a Steelers uniform!


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