June 28, 2017

WDF Favorite Bengal Bracket

Every (touchdown) day he was shufflin...

I had an idea today (which is always dangerous) and thought I’d put the wheels in motion. Nominate your favorite Bengals player of all time by adding the name in a comment to this thread and we’ll throw them all together into a tournament style bracket. Then, we’ll vote on each matchup to determine the winner. More details to come. We’ll finalize the bracket once we get a good number of entrants.

And I’ll start with my favorite Bengal, Mr. Ickey Woods.





  1. Scott Williams says:

    #21 James Brooks

  2. #33 Ashley Ambrose

  3. Michael Stahl says:

    I have two:
    #30 Ickey Woods
    #7 Boomer Esiason

  4. I think we’ll cap ours at 16 entries and start it next week. Unfortunately, with that small of a field there will be some deserving players left out. Start the bubble watch now.

  5. #7 Boomer Esiason

  6. Tinman415 says:

    Ken Anderson

  7. chad campbell says:

    David Fulcher

  8. Anthony Munoz
    Tim Krumrie
    and just for fun, A.J. Green

  9. Ocho Cinco

    While he may not be my favorite, I think he belongs in the bracket.

  10. Jeff Blake!!! Who can forget the MOON BALL!!!

  11. Beth in Rowlett, TX says:

    Willie Anderson

  12. Love the nomination Andrew. The moon ball was magic. If this was a 64 entry deal, I’d go off the radar with Tremain Mack. I loved him as a kick returner.

  13. My fav was James Brooks. Since he was already named you cant forget 1 of the al-time best in stripes… Jim Breech

  14. Ken Riley and Louis Breeden