July 21, 2017

What’s The Plan, Mike?

I have to admit, I’m scratching my head. Not that being confused by Mike Brown’s tactics is anything new.

About a month ago we got the all-too-predictable warning from Geoff Hobson that the Bengals would focus first on re-signing their own guys in free agency. This was certainly in part an effort by MB to stave off clamor for the high priced names that will hit the open market, despite sitting on the Fort Knox of salary cap space.

As I stated before, I don’t have a problem with that strategy. Keeping solid contributors on the roster (and off the open market) makes perfect sense.

But what exactly has been happening over the last month? Free agency opens tomorrow, and unless I’ve missed something, the Bengals have re-signed all of one player, Chris Pressley. That’s good. But what about guys like Manny Lawson, Frostee Rucker, Reggie Nelson and Brandon Johnson? You know, the guys that other teams are going to want.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry. If they are going to let all of those guys go and bring in better guys, fine. I just want to know that the front office has a plan for making the team better in 2012. Hopefully, in a few days we will begin to see a plan taking shape. But until then, there is a part of me that is conditioned to fear that Mike’s only plan is to line the wallet one more time before the salary floor takes effect in 2013.


  1. Jason Nussbaum says:

    I was wondering the same thing. It is taking a lot in me to think positive but with good ol MB still running the team I fear that it will be just another lousy free agency. The top guys I would be looking at is micheal bush, Reggie Nelson, Robert meachman, and Ben Grubbs . Out of those guys I think meachman might be the cheapest. Mike will always care more about money than trophies! (you would think he would want to win so he could make more of it!)

  2. We obviously have no idea what really happens behind closed doors, but it seems like the Bengals haven’t exactly been proactive with some of their own players. Reports say that Jon Fanene and Reggie Nelson plan to test the market. Supposedly, the team hasn’t really talked to Nelson all offseason, so I’m wondering if they’re trying the old “Find your value than talk to us” strategy. And his worth may have dipped a little today with the release of Redskins safety O.J. Atogwe. LaRon Landry is also on the market, which is interesting.

    Free agency should be interesting this year. I’m just hoping it’s pleasantly interesting and not public train-wreck interesting.