August 17, 2017

Bengals Schedule Visits For Free Agents

Some teams roared off of the starting line like a Ferrari in yesterday’s start to free agency. Tampa Bay landed Carl Nicks, and San Diego snagged Robert Meachem, both names mentioned frequently by Bengals fans. Other names, like Cortland Finnegan, were quickly plucked off of the free agent supermarket shelves.

The Bengals, however, have piled the front office into Mike Brown’s Ford Fiesta and are in hot pursuit of some different names than the ones that fans have put on their wish lists. They have scheduled visits with four free agents as of this writing.

DE Kendall Langford: 5th year player. Started 12 games last year for the Dolphins. PFF rating for 2011: +1.7.

KL has 7.5 sacks in his 4 year career, but was held without a sack in 2011. He played in 53.0% of snaps for a solid Miami run defense (#3 overall). He would make a nice addition (possibly a slight upgrade) if Fanene decides to sign elsewhere.

TE Kellen Davis: 5th year player. Started 15 games last year for the Bears. PFF rating for 2011: +0.2.

The Bengals’ interest in Davis may indicate that they may not pursue re-signing Bo Scaife and/or Donald Lee. KD had only 18 recs for 206 yds in 2011, so there is little chance he would supplant Gresham as the #1 TE. But 5 of his 18 catches were for TDs, making him a much-needed red zone threat.

CB Aaron Ross: 6th year player. Started 15 games last year for the Giants. PFF rating for 2011: -1.4.

The Bengals need depth at corner, and AR’s 999 snaps played in 2011 suggest that he would at least be durable. Adding at least one corner in free agency is an absolute must for the Bengals. There are flashier names available right now, but he would be a better starter, if needed, than Kelly Jennings.

OG Jacob Bell: 9th year player. Started 12 games last year for the Rams. PFF rating for 2011: -15.8.

I have to admit that I am confused by this one. The Rams were not a good running team, and Bell’s rating is worse than Nate Livings’ (-10.5) and Mike McGlynn’s (-9.1), both of whom were disasters. I don’t know the Rams that well, and maybe there were mitigating circumstances that explain his poor performance last season. But on the surface this looks like a downgrade at a position that was already awful last year. (Ben Grubbs, where are you?)


  1. The lame excuses just do not cut it. Tampa Bay has as many good players due some esxtra money inthe future as the Bengals do and they just spent $120M to get the best guard, the best wide receiver, and a good safety — and that does not include the $30M they gave one of their guards to resign. And this is what they bring in? kellen Davis is fine as is Ross, but why are they not going after grubbs, or if too expensive Steve hutchinson (if none year veterans are so desirable) or Geoff Schwartz? Why not Leron Landry insead of Reggie (matador) Nelson? And if re-signing guys are so important, why can’t they get it done — especially BEFORE free agency when it is cheaper (see Johnathan Joseph, Reggie Nelson and Frost Rucke)r? The real stupidity is that if the Bengals would make an effort, the increased attendence and corresponding increased concession revenue would pay for it all!