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  1. Beth in Rowlett, TX says:

    I live in the Dallas area, and when I heard they dropped Terrence Newman, my first thought was, “About damn time!” Then my second thought was, “Oh crap! So help me if the Bengals pick him up!” He should have been dropped a couple seasons ago, and I feel he’s always been overrated. I hope we don’t bring in another failed Cowboy.

  2. Number 1 Fan says:

    Shoot, at this point Beth the Bengals may just need warm bodies on the roster. Nate Livings is a Cowboy now.

    1. Bill says:

      And THANK GOD for that!!

  3. WHO DEstiny says:

    Day 1 free agency signings are rarely great signings. Generally these are overpaid contracts with too much guaranteed money by desperate clubs. See Bryant, Antonio.

    It is frustrating especially as WhoDey has a great core on offense and defense, several glaring needs, and a lot of money to spend. Certainly we may look back and villify Mikey Boy for not doing more in the early days of free agency if the season goes poorly. However, I will hold judgement for now.

  4. matt says:

    this is the last year mike brown can put all that money in his pocket next year he has to spend 90 percent toward cap. It should not be a shock he is going to pocket most of it has done it for years worst owner EVER in sports.