July 22, 2017

Tebow… A Bengal?

I have another submission for the growing stack of proof that Mike Florio is flat nuts.

With Denver winning the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, the Broncos will be looking to unload Tebow pronto. Last night, Florio floated the idea that the Bengals might be a good fit for him.


Maybe Florio just needed another team to put on the list to give him an even 10, but putting the Bengals #3 on the list hints that he is more serious than that.

Would Tebow sell tickets to PBS? Sure… for a while anyway. Would he bring a media circus to town with him? Absolutely. (After Chad, I’ve had my fill of circuses for a while.)

In case Mike hadn’t noticed, the Bengals already have a QB. A pretty good one, as a matter of fact. Why on earth would Marvin want to create any type of controversy around the most important position on the field, especially when there is absolutely no need to?

This isn’t an anti-Tebow thing for me. I like the guy actually. It’s just a bad fit. Fortunately, we can count on Mike Brown’s cheapness to spare us from this melodrama.

Agree or disagree below.


  1. This wouldn’t be bad if they could put it in Tebow’s contract that he must be a TE and can not play QB

  2. Agree, I want nothing to do with the Tebow drama show. He just isn’t a QB in this league. He seems like a good guy, but he brings way too much drama and distraction for a QB who doesn’t really even belong in the NFL (at least at the QB position).

  3. Boomer Lion says: