July 25, 2017

The Bengals scouting department has tripled in size

The Cincinnati Bengals have announced the hiring of two new scouts to the organization, and neither seem to be relatives of the Brown family.

Robert Livingston and Steven Radicevic were added to the Bengals scouting department. This goes to show that the Bengals are continuing to try and improve the organization. The Bengals believe in strengthening their team through the draft and the addition of two scouts gives them the ability to select the right players.

I would also like to weigh in on the popular thought that the Bengals should make a move in the draft to move up and grab a certain player. I am of the opinion that team try and improve in one of two ways.

1. Through the Draft

2. In free agency

It is obvious the Bengals try and improve the team in the draft, so what kind of sense would it make to trade away multiple picks to acquire one player when there are many needs on the team. The Oakland robbery trade is useless if the Bengals trade away the extra picks to gamble on one player.