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Roster Reaction: Free for BPA

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  1. Nate says:

    Let the recod show I published this before Marvin started gushing about the free agent class. I’m not always right, but when I am, I have to let it be known. Now I’ll go back to deciphering the difference between my butt and a hole in the ground.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      Nice Job Nate. As I read Marvins comments, I thought of your post.

  2. Antoniomagon says:

    Not so free for BPA. We still need some replacements:

    OG -> Bobbie Williams
    WR -> Simpson + Caldwell
    CB -> Clements (32 and last contract year)
    SF -> Crocker (32 and last contract year)
    OLB -> Howard & Rivers (last contract year)
    OT -> Smith & (probably) Collins (last contract year)
    MLB -> Maualuga (last contract year)
    DE -> Geathers & M.Johnson (last contract year)

    Well, you can say BPA because we need people in almost all positions

  3. Nate says:

    I agree that we need a lot of reinforcements, but many of them should
    come from our own roster. Boling or Hudson should be able to replace Williams. Mays can take over for Crocker. Harvey and Anderson can be insurance for Geather and Johnson and there are a few others at LB and DB who shoul step up. But as you pointed out, we need depth just about everywhere, so the team can take whoever the best player is at each spot.

  4. Antoniomagon says:

    I wish you’ll be right but I’m afraid the replacements are Boling X McGlynn, Mays X Wilson, Anderson+Harvey X Rucker+Fanene. We still need another great draft to be a competitive team because we’ll lose some starters for 2012 and beyond. We have to think a lot every pick and don’t make mistakes with talented but red flagged players.

    Hopefully, we can use the remaining salary cap to extend the contracts of Atkins, Johnson, Dunlap, Smith, Huber … and don’t waste a high pick in these positions.

    P.S.: congratulations for the web from Spain

  5. Nate says:

    I’m with you. Early reports say the Bengals have only spent about 20 million and that should give them about 30 million or so left over. They should use that to extend Geno and Dunlap and maybe a few others.