July 26, 2017

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What’s The Plan, Mike?

I have to admit, I’m scratching my head. Not that being confused by Mike Brown’s tactics is anything new. About a month ago we got the all-too-predictable warning from Geoff Hobson that the Bengals would focus first on re-signing their own guys in free agency. This was certainly in part an effort by MB to […]

WDF Favorite Bengal Bracket

I had an idea today (which is always dangerous) and thought I’d put the wheels in motion. Nominate your favorite Bengals player of all time by adding the name in a comment to this thread and we’ll throw them all together into a tournament style bracket. Then, we’ll vote on each matchup to determine the […]

Reggie Kelly on the Bengals, Free Agency, and Food

I spoke with former Bengal Reggie Kelly, one of the nicest NFL players you could ever meet, for my upcoming book and asked him about a number of football-related topics, including our beloved Bengals. Kelly was a solid contributor, a standout blocker, and a stabilizing force for Cincinnati during his time in black and orange. […]

Draft Profile: Brandon Brooks

In my endless pursuit of information surrounding the 2012 NFL Draft, I spoke with Miami of Ohio guard Brandon Brooks recently  for my upcoming book. Brooks is an especially intriguing prospect for the Bengals because the team clearly needs to upgrade the guard position and he possesses the size and versatility that the team loves. […]

PFF: Bengals Needs

Pro Football Focus’ Gordon McGuinness (great name) checked in with his thoughts on Bengals’ needs this offseason. Click the image for the story. Clipped from: www.profootballfocus.com (share this clip)  

Could You Get Excited About Michael Bush?

The rumor mill has spun around the past few days, suggesting that Oakland Raider free agent Michael Bush could end up in Cincinnati soon. My question is simple: if it happens will you be excited? And before you answer, consider this. Last season, which was the most Bush has played in his four years, he […]


The free agent market will begin to take shape this weekend as teams make and announce their decisions on who to pull off of the market with their franchise tag. The Bengals have some candidates for the franchise tag. I know I’m going to be in the minority on this one, but I think the […]

‘The Grin’ Is Gone!!

There are a number of professional sports players who irritate me like sand in the swim trunks. Tom Brady is chief among them. This usually happens with great players who play for teams I happen to dislike. But while plenty of guys irritate me, there are very few professional sports players that I genuinely hate. Hines […]