Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Offense

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  1. Eric says:

    They can get a good RB and OG in the later rounds. I think WR and CB are the biggest needs for the first round picks. Would love to see Kendall Wright or Michael Floyd fall to the Bengals, and a corner like Gilmore or Kirkpatrick to be there as well.

    Konz from Wisconsin might be the first round target for interior O-line, especially in DeCastro is gone. Konz can back-up Kyle at Center and potentially start over the current crop of Right Guard candidates, but again, I’d recommend holding on the interior line until rounds 3-5.

  2. Zack says:

    I think the bengals should go ahead and draft Decastro (if he is there) in order to solidify the O-Line for years to come. In a perfect world, Decastro and Boling could eventually take over at both guard positions and anchor those spots for a long time. With the next pick in the 1st round I have a hard time deciding between a cornerback or #2 wide receiver. The running back class is deep this year so they can probably pick a solid running back in the mid to late rounds.