June 24, 2017

PFT Tackles Bengals’ Draft Needs

Whether or not you like Mike Florio, you have to concede that he has put together one of the top NFL blogs on the interwebs. Last night he decided to weigh in with his thoughts on what positions the Bengals need to bolster through the draft. Do you agree with him? (Reading article not required to opine.)

Mr. Florio lists these five positions as needs for the Bengals. (He does not say whether or not these are listed in his perceived order of importance.)

  1. Running Back
  2. Cornerback
  3. Defensive End
  4. Wide Receiver
  5. Tight End

Cornerback is an easy pick because it is a glaring need.

A #2 WR is also important, although there are already seven WRs on the roster. It is possible that the coaches may be content to let Shipley, Hawkins and Binns fight it out for that spot. Running back is another position with enough guys on the roster but could use some more punch.

Defensive End is a far less discussed need, but it really is a need. Dunlap is the only productive piece on the roster right now. Geathers is steady but by no means a sack machine. Michael Johnson’s role seems to be shrinking. And Harvey or Anderson are busts until they prove themselves otherwise.

Tight End was the surprise pick. Florio argues that having two receiving TEs is the trend, so the Bengals need another to go with Gresham. But the Bengals had just that kind of guy in Chase Coffman, who couldn’t get on the field.

The surprising omission, of course, is Guard. No mention of safety either. I would rank either of those above a second receiving TE.

Now that Florio has weighed in, it is time for you to do the same. Give us your top five needs — in order of importance — for the draft, and we will see in a week how much the Bengals’ draft agrees with your list.


  1. 1. GUARD: a new RB won’t be successful without some one blocking for him.
    2. CORNERBACK: for depth this year and for the future of the secondary
    3. WIDE RECEIVER: someone to get double coverage off AJ.
    4. RUNNING BACK: someone that can hit a home run. BJGE is dependable, but not flashy.
    5. SAFETY: Who is filling Chris Crocker’s empty seat? Are the young guys good enough? Could one of our 12 CB’s play here?