July 20, 2017

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Picks

The NFL Draft is less than a week away, and the Bengals find themselves in a better position than normal. No top 10 picks. Few gaping holes in the roster. There is a lot of flexibility in this draft, which means multiple strategies could be in play, whether in terms of picks or trades.

The Bengals have 9 picks this year. All come before pick #200. (Their 7th rounder goes to Jacksonville.) Generally the Bengals are content to not trade and take their picks as they are scheduled. This year could be different, if another team offers them the right deal.

The Bengals’ nine picks are:

  • Rd 1, pick 17 (#17 overall) — from Raiders
  • Rd 1, pick 21 (#21 overall)
  • Rd 2, pick 21 (#53 overall)
  • Rd 3, pick 21 (#83 overall)
  • Rd 4, pick 21 (#116 overall)
  • Rd 5, pick 21 (#156 overall)
  • Rd 5, pick 31 (#166 overall)  — from Patriots
  • Rd 5, pick 32 (#167 overall)  — from Giants
  • Rd 6, pick 21 (#191 overall)
Flexibility is the name of this year’s draft. The Bengals would not do poorly to sit tight and take the picks they have. Four picks in the top 100 (well, the top 83 really) have the potential to add a lot of potency to a roster that isn’t too bad as it is. Would you be disappointed if the Bengals did not shake it up again this year and move around the board like many teams do?
If they want to trade up, they have three 5th round picks to play with as well as an extra 2nd round pick in the 2013 draft. (I’m not holding my breath that the Raiders will make the playoffs to bump that 2013 pick to a 1st rounder.) Would you like to see the Bengals play some of the chips they’ve collected and package a couple of picks to reach back up for a guy they really like?
And of course there is the possibility of trading down to grab more picks later. Would you be OK with parting with one of the 1st round picks to get someone’s 2nd and 3rd round picks? (Before you say no, remember that the Bengals have done pretty well in these rounds the last few years.)


  1. Boomer Lion says:

    My preferred trade is our #21 and a collection of Day 3 picks (even all 5 of them) to the Pats for their two first rounders (#27 and #31). Failing that, I’d like to see us work with the Rams, Colts, Panthers, Jags – teams picks in the upper half of the rounds who have serious talent deficiencies vertically and horizontally across their depth charts. We could move up in the 2nd or 3rd, or again bundle a pooload of Day 3 picks to get a 2nd or 3rd. The Rams have 2 picks in the top of the 2nd which I would not mind trading the #21 overall for, even if we had to throw in a later pick. This draft has excellent Day 2 talent. After that, I’d prefer us to stay pat and let the draft come to us. The only bad option is to trade Day 1 or 2 picks and accumulate yet more Day 3 picks. The absolute last thing we need on this team is a flood of young marginal talent to sift through at training camp.

    Looking at our roster, we should be consolidating our draft talent into as few roster spots as we can. Camp bodies can be had as rookie free agents, and one or two may even work out (e.g. Cochart was an excellent pick-up as an undrafted guy). But overall, we have such a young team that we can’t really load up on young, raw players. We need young contributors, and we need to keep enough vets on the team to keep things from getting out of hand in the thick of the playoff hunt.

    Our rebuilding phase this time around has been done. We should now be putting together a team to go deep into the playoffs. Having accumulated a variety of mid-level veteran players and a young, talent core group, we are a handful of good players away from knocking the Steelers and Ravens off the AFCN mountain and claiming a first-round bye in the process.

    Draft day is going to rock our collective face!

    • Less is more. Very intriguing strategy.

      If anybody would bite on swapping two 1st round picks for one and a cache of lower picks, it’s certainly Belichick. Pats fans would probably pass a kidney stone if he did, but he isn’t going to do anything just to please them. If the Bengals could pull off 4 picks in the first 53, that would likely go down as one of the better drafts in the team’s history. Even if they could parley a few of those lower picks into an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder, I’d be happy. The fewer picks on Day 3, the better!