June 24, 2017

Draft Focus: Orange and Black Crushes

As the draft approaches, there are a number of guys I’d like to see in orange and black. Many of them haven’t appeared in mock drafts or common speculation about Cincinnati’s targets. It’s fine by me. I suppose draft beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So without further ado, here are my crushes, followed by a brief explanation of why I believe they would be good for Cincinnati.

Don’ta Hightower, linebacker – Hightower had a productive career in what is probably the best football conference in the country. He has good size for a potential middle linebacker, but could also play other positions if needed. He would immediately give Cincinnati another option behind Rey Maualuga and would bolster the team’s depth at the linebacker position.

Cordy Glenn, offensive guard – Glenn also had a productive career in the SEC and has the added benefit of being able to play mutliple positions on the offensive line. He could give the Bengals insurance at right tackle behind Andre Smith and could also start at right guard. He has AFC North size and could make an instant impact for the Bengals.

The mid-round receivers – I know A.J. Green is rather un-diva like, but I don’t like the idea of the Bengals having two high-profile receivers who have to share pass receptions. Especially since the team also has a very good tight end (Jermaine Gresham) who deserves some attention as well. Plus, how well did two high-profile receivers work out in Cincinnati a few seasons ago?

In a deep receiver draft, I think it makes a lot more sense to pass on Michael Floyd and Kendall Wright in Round One (if they’re available) and focus on players A.J. Jenkins (Illinois) and Chris Givens (Wake Forest) later in the draft.



  1. I keep coming back to the thought the linebacker is the big need we are all overlooking. The Bengals have been somewhat soft in the middle for a long time… long enough that I think we are just used to it. Strengthening the LB corps would not alleviate the need for a corner, but it would benefit the entire defense. And with most mock drafts seeming to tie Hightower to the Steelers, there has to be something to like there.

  2. How about Nick Toon for a mid-round WR?

  3. I’ve been saying it for months that my mancrush is on David DeCastro and Michael Floyd. That said, I think the Bengals will ultimately go LB and CB in round 1.

  4. No offense Seubs, but I hope Floyd doesn’t fall anywhere near Cincy. I don’t like the idea of A.J. Green and another first-rounder having to split catches. I’ll take someone in the later rounds. Nick Toon would be fine. Might be available in the third, has a good pedigree, and decent size.

  5. I don’t think there will be any worth corners by #17, forcing the team to make other arrangements, and one, unfortunately, may be a WR.

    I’d love to get Hightower. I think he’s an instant upgrade over Rey, and the fact that the Steelers want him so bad makes the choice that much more delicious. That said, sounds like Marvin is already more interested in Courtney Upshaw.