June 28, 2017

First Round What Ifs

Wild prediction: something crazy will happen on Thursday in the first round of the draft. There is no consensus past the top 6 players, so draft day insanity will being a couple of guys sliding down to the awaiting Bengals at #17. With the Bengals in a good position to draft the best player available, they will be in a position to pounce on a steal.

Let’s have a little fun. Tell me who you would you would want the Bengals to take at #17 in a few “what if” scenarios.

Again, the idea is that, by some strange twist of fate, both of these players are still on the board when the Bengals go on the clock with the 17th pick. Odds are high that the other guy won’t still be there are #21. Who are you yelling at your TV for Marvin to take?

Scenario #1: OG David DeCastro and WR Michael Floyd

We have talked extensively about the Bengals need at guard and #2 receiver. Do you choose the guy who protects Dalton and can help the running game improve, even if it causes the passing game to suffer? Or do you take the guy who can relieve pressure from A.J. Green?

Scenario #2: S Mark Barron and LB Luke Kuechly

Do you bolster a secondary that really needs an upgrade, knowing there will be a CB worth having still available at #21? Or do you shore up the middle with a guy that can control the middle of the field for most of the next decade? (That is something the Bengals haven’t had since Takeo Spikes.)

Scenario #3: DE Quinton Coples and OT Riley Reiff

Which side of the ball do you strengthen? Do you take the guy with the huge talent and questioned heart? Or do you take a talented tackle and move him to the much-less-valued guard position?


  1. Art Plybon says:

    #1 Take DeCastro you an get a #2 reciever later.
    #2 Take Kuechly
    #3 OT protect the QB.