July 25, 2017

Why I get tired of the same old Bengals bashing

If you follow me on Twitter @WhoDeyFans you may have seen my arguments last night with the WhoDeyRevolution and some of their loyal followers. You see last night I just got tired of hearing the same old Bengal bashing. That site, and more importantly, their followers have turned into something that does nothing but bash the Bengals. They are always negative and usually wrong. So I decided to see how wrong and look at some of their analysis of the last two drafts.  Below is what I found:

2011 Draft:

“Since it is pretty obvious the Bengals are going to take a QB rather than be smart and trade for an experienced vetern like a Kolb after the draft or pick one up in free agency which would allow them to go after the top QB prospect that is not even in this year’s draft. So if you were sitting in the room what would you do?”

Yeah, we should have passed on Dalton and signed Kolb. Maybe we could have been in the Manning sweepstakes too? No the Bengals took the QB, he made the probowl as well as the playoffs.


“If it were my call, I think I try to solidify the DL with Bowers who has the ability to defend the run and rush the passer. Matching him up with Atkins and Dunlap on third downs could be scary. I would then follow this up in next years draft with the selection of Luck to get my future franchise QB – since we are going to draft high again next year. If Bowers is off the board, I go with the game changing safety.”
The Bengals have never had a draft pick make the Pro Bowl on Defense. They have had one player drafted on Defense make the Pro Bowl, but Tremain Mack made the Pro Bowl as a Kick Returner.
Starting with the 1991 draft, the Bengals have drafted 7 players that have made the Pro Bowl with the Bengals. Some players have made the Pro Bowl with other teams, like Takeo Spikes and shockingly Justin Smith, but only 7 were with the Bengals.
The last drafted Pro Bowl player is Carson Palmer.
In 16 of 20 drafts, the Bengals drafted zero Pro Bowlers.
Only Chad Johnson has gone to more than 4 Pro Bowls.


And then the Bengals had 4 probowlers last season. Atkins made the team from the defensive side of the ball.


But if we are starting over at QB, don’t get your hopes up for any winning soon.


This team is a dumpster fire, and a WR won’t get it done. #%ck this we had TO. We sucked. NOW we have green.

I am sure the last guy now owns an AJ Green jersey.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Rookie quarterback and receiver, running an offense for a guy that has never called pro games.

The definition of continuity.

Yes, this will never work.

Unfortunately, I liked Julio Jones better. He’s faster and played for Saban. Bengals camp will feel amateur compared to Saban’s “amateur” team.

2 – 4 starters? Ok, Green, that’s 1. Who else?

Dalton? You count that as a good thing? 2nd round QB as day one starter? Plus, we have no idea how much time we will get to learn this new system before the season starts, which, oh by the way, is a new system for the whole offense. Realistically, this is about as big a negative as you can have. A good pick, but terrible for opening day 2011. This is not Sam Bradford.

Nope, not Bradford. This QB is the day 1 starter and makes the playoffs in year 1.


My only thoughts? I noticed in Joe Reedy’s draft chat that it seemed like a TE would be most likely the 1st round pick. We’ve had top 5 offenses in the recent past without a TE, Brat doesn’t seem to know how to use them and given the power run game emphasis, I don’t see the need to have a huge amount of receiving weapons in addition to Chad and Antonio. And even if we did really need a TE it still doesn’t change the fact that the opportunity cost of taking a TE with a high pick is almost guaranteed to be higher than the value of the TE itself.

Just please God no TE in the first round. Stop the idiocracy.


Wonderful analysis and spot on predictions. It just gets old seeing the bashing coming from a group of people that are continuously wrong.  Gresham was an awesome pick by the Bengals and makes this a better team.

No one knows the outcome of the drafted guys, however, it is important to give them time and allow them to integrate with the team.  Blasting the team and the picks as the draft is happening is nonsense. Often fans and the experts are wrong, so look at the guys the team did take, have some faith and step off the ledge.

Sorry for the interruption, just had to vent.



  1. Totally agree. I will be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about college players coming into the draft. With every pick we make I support the teams decisions. Bashing a team for the picks is nonsense. We have proven to draft well in the past (Not every pick will be a pro bowler but we have had success)

    I have total faith in our front office to make the right decisions when it comes to the draft to better the team. Full support coming from this guy! WHODEY!


    You are so right…I’ve been hard on the Bengals just like the next guy over they years. But the last few years, it seems like someone different is driving the draft bus for the most part and it shows on the field. I am very disappointed however, that we basically gave up the best G in a decade for an extra late third round pick. All in all I would rate the 2012 Bengals 1st round at a B-, but certainly not the epic failure that the martyrs from the “revolution” deem it as they do each year!