July 21, 2017

Bengals Make Bold Statement On Day 2

Positive or negative, there is sure to be plenty of reaction about the statement made by the Bengals’ war room on Day 2 of the 2012 draft. It is a statement we might expect to hear from a head coach that came up as a Defensive Coordinator: “You are not going to run on us!”

In a division featuring Ray Rice — who has gashed the Bengals several times — and now Trent Richardson, this is quite a bold statement that Marvin Lewis is making.

Fans who love dominating linemen will love Day 2. Fans who love skill players and big plays will not.

The other statement made by the war room? They are comfortable waiting until the later rounds to get a running back. And they might be comfortable going into the season with the four RBs they already have.

Devon Still. Projected as a late first or early second round pick, Still slid at least half a round to the waiting Bengals at #53. As the 2012 Big Ten Player Of The Year, that is great value. Still will be a solid addition in stopping the run, and he looks like the kind of guy who can harass the QB as well. He provides protection both against injury and against the potential loss of Pat Sims after this season.

Brandon Thompson. The Bengals opted to use the 3rd round double-dip pick gained in their trade with NE by double-dipping at DT. Projected as a mid-to-late second rounder, Thompson slid all the way to the end of the 3rd round. Scouts report Thompson to be an absolute beast against the run, but a mediocre-at-best pass rusher. He still represents outstanding value at the 93rd pick.

The Bengals’ roster along the defensive line is absolutely brimming right now. The camp battles are going to be intense because 10 guys will be competing to make the 8 man rotation.

Defensive Ends:

  • Carlos Dunlap
  • Robert Geathers
  • Michael Johnson
  • Jamaal Anderson
  • Derrick Harvey

Defensive Tackles:

  • Domata Peko
  • Geno Atkins
  • Pat Sims
  • Devon Still
  • Brandon Thompson

I love the depth that this group is going to have. Whoever the final 8 are, they will all be able to contribute. This group goes from badass to badass-er.

(I won’t be surprised if Thompson begins the season on the practice squad to work on his pass rushing technique. Could the odd end out possibly become trade fodder, much like Clint McDonald was last year? Parlaying the end who isn’t going to make the team into a linebacker or corner would be a solid move.)


  1. I love what they have done. Peko is not getting any younger and the run defense got gashed once Pat Sims went out. Now, there’s insurance for both players. The Bengals have gotten players at each level (after the first two picks), that were expected to go higher. Furthermore, all of them have come from established programs that played top-level competition. It’s a solid draft already and there’s more to go.

    Keep it up!