WOW! What A Draft!

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  1. Seubs says:

    I’m 100% with you Bill. This is 3 straight drafts I feel that the Bengals have done a fantastic job. I don’t know who’s making the picks, but these last three drafts DO NOT have Mike Brown’s fingerprints on them IMO.

  2. Boomer Lion says:

    The Bengals have also signed Vontaze Burfict as a college free agent. If there’s anything there, Zimmer gets first crack at turning water into wine.

  3. ItsSkylineTime says:

    I was pleased with the draft, too, although I’d have preferred them to take DeCastro at 17 (I’m sure Zeitler will be good, too) and a WR at 21. Simpson signed with the Vikings, so he’s no longer an option at No. 2 – I share your concern over how that will play out. IMO, with 4-5 veteran CBs already in house, we could have taken a developmental CB later in the draft and let him learn for a year, but we need a No. 2 WR who can start on Opening Night, and that’s a tall task for a guy like Sano or the kid from Cal they took in Round 5.

    Love, love, love rolling the dice on Burfict.

    1. Drake says:

      Bang on on all points.
      I’m with you on decastro. He played several seasons in pro style offense, is a mean sob and could bang on run and pass. Plus he’s already been part of a winning regime.
      Dido also on the WR. we need someone to take some pressure off of green and at least keep opposing Ds honest and not double him every down.