July 25, 2017

Balance In AFC North Shifts A Little

Today, one fan base in the AFC North weeps while three shed no tears at all. News outlets are now confirming that Terrell Suggs has torn his Achilles tendon while playing basketball.  Suggs was the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year and has wreaked havoc across the AFC North for years.A torn Achilles is the same injury that Leon Hall sustained nearly six months ago during a game against Pittsburgh. Suggs will have surgery to repair the tear next week. The expected recovery time for an Achilles tear is around 11 months, so this injury will definitely keep him out of the 2012 season.

This injury creates an opportunity for someone on the Ravens’ roster to make the team that would not have otherwise. Time will tell who that guy is. But offensive coordinators across the AFC North know that their jobs got just a little bit easier for two games this year.

I wouldn’t wish an injury on Suggs, but I’m not shedding a tear for him, either.

UPDATE: PFT reports that Suggs “vows to play” this year, returning in mid-season. He claims that the tear is only a partial tear and that he will be motivated to prove wrong those who claim he is out for the season.

Suggs is not the only person with a say in this matter. They coaches and medical staff can force the issue. They have three options:

  1. they could leave him on the roster and play short a man until he is ready to go
  2. they could put Suggs on the PUP list for the first 6 weeks of the season (he could not practice with the team during that time) and then either activate him — and play short a man if he isn’t quite ready yet — or shut him down for the season
  3. they could put him on IR and lose him for the year

Six months seems very quick for an Achilles recovery. It can be rushed (wisely) only so much. But whether or not he plays in 2012, we know for sure that the Bengals will see him in street clothes when they open the season in Baltimore on MNF.


  1. Balled too hard.

  2. Looks like they were excessively smart in drafting Upshaw