Who Is Your Favorite Draft Pick?

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  1. Boomer Lion says:

    Devon Still. Haven’t seen him apart from highlight videos, but from his scouting reports it seems like they may be able to forge him into a big nasty 4-3 NT who can dominate the run and get to the passer. I remember that the first few mocks after the season had him as the first DT off the board (usually to the Panthers); the consensus is that he was a first round type of talent – gotta love picking him up in the second.

  2. ItsSkylineTime says:

    He wasn’t a draft pick, but my favorite move was signing Vontaze Burfict. Can’t wait to open that can of crazy on the Steelers. My only regret is that Hines Ward won’t be around to get his due.

    1. Bill says:

      Holy crap, do I hope that Marvin and Zim can help this kid put it all together!! He looks like he could become the enforcer that Marvin has sought since parting with Ray Lewis. I love, love, love how he hits!! The Bengals took flak for signing him, but I could care less. As a UDFA, they are playing with house money on this bet!!

  3. Sean says:

    I’ll start by saying this, I’m very happy with the fact that three of the first five picks were lineman. But my favorite has to be Zeitler. Intelligent and athletic offensive lineman is something our bengals can’t have enough of. I’m gonna miss Bobby and his leadership but I’m more than satisfied with his replacement.

  4. Sean says:

    Sanu, dude has great hands and is an excellent blocker, i think hell be a great number 2!

  5. Brad says:

    I feel like I have to say the Zeitler pick as it fills a position of need with a great player, and also netted us a DT built like an Abrahms Tank who is 7 shades of nasty. (and yet seems like a person I would have a beer with off the field.)

    But the pick I would point to is the Iloka pick. As the NFL offensive tactics change, so must the D. I think the Saftey position will see major changes and the SS player as a breed will morph into a very different player. Teams need to be able to account for the new pass catching TE’s and demonstrate far better coverage skills while still be able to help a little in run support. Also, I can see this new kind of secondary player helping mask coverages and making it a little harder on QB’s.