AFC North

Who Has The Advantage In The AFC North?

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  1. John says:

    I think this year will come down to who plays best in the divison against the balance of the divison. How will the ravens play with out Suggs? How mobel is Big Ben still? Can a young Bengals team compete 2 years in a row? I thinkwin all is said and done it will be the Steelers on top followed by the Ravens and Bengalsin a tie I also think the browns will be better than many think. This si going to be a tough year in the AFC North, We could again see three teams from the Division in the Playoffs

  2. Kur says:

    I think that this year will close between the Ravens and the Bengals. The Steelers are still a good team and they did draft well but they’re getting old. That can be seen as a good thing when it comes to experience but they don’t have that youth that the Bengals and Ravens have. Suggs will be a huge hit but I think the defense will still play top 10 defense. I think the key for the Bengals will be to go AT LEAST 1-1 with the Steelers and the Ravens while sweeping the Browns. After that they will need to work hard on the road games and hopefully they will gain a great home field advantage with the increase of ticket sales.