Who Makes The Cut? RB Edition

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  1. ItsSkylineTime says:

    Strong analysis, Bill, I’m with you all around. My only disappointment in the draft was that they didn’t address this position at all (Herron doesn’t count). There’s still no home run hitter and I suspect, as you do, that Bernard Scott isn’t what we all hoped and thought he would be. He shows flashes, but unless there is open space he does nothing – always goes down at first contact, which is a huge limiting factor in the NFL. I love what they’re doing almost across the board, but I’m still not happy with the RB situation – looks really weak to me.

    1. Bill says:

      Like most, I thought they had caught lightning in a bottle by Scott. But the more I have watched him, the more I have wondered where the production is.

      Not having a home run hitter doesn’t necessarily mean that the running game is doomed to be mediocre again. We won’t know until games start, but improvements at other positions may lift the running game by default. Zeitler and Wharton may open those holes a little wider, and multiple receiving threats may pull those LBs back just a little deeper. And maybe those little bits are just enough to make the difference. Maybe.

      To me, it is just as much on Jay Gruden to know and use his weapons effectively as it is for the RBs to run effectively when their number is called.