July 26, 2017

Rookie Impact

The draft picks are beginning to make their way into the fold, with four of the ten rookies signed to their first professional deals. More should be joining them soon as the rookie minicamp gets underway this weekend.

It is a wonderful thing to see drafts picks — especially the talented haul of picks the Bengals netted this year — quickly and quietly getting their deals done. God bless the rookie wage scale.

Thinking about the newest Bengals gathering at PBS to receive their induction into the NFL brought my focus back to this draft class again. At least two — Kirkpatrick and Zeitler — are expected to be starters, and at least three more — Still, Sanu and Thompson — are expected to be significant contributors. I might add Jones and Iloka to that list. This group will definitely put its mark on the team.

That leads me to a question for you. Of all the new additions to the roster, who do expect to make the biggest impact on the team in his rookie season? Vote in the poll, and make the case for your pick below.

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  1. The deep threat of Marvin Jones will be the key to opening up the offense and making everything else work. Sanu will be a one man wrecking crew working out of the slot underneath. Green will be much more effective after Jones takes some of the pressure off of him.

  2. charlie says:

    I beleive that still or thompson will make a huge impact on the DL .