July 25, 2017

Projecting The Offensive Roster

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s look through all of the guys on offense that are currently signed to the roster. Next week I will be doing the same with the defense. But before moving to the other side of the ball — which I am pretty excited about — let’s put all of the pieces together to have one last look at the offense as a whole.

Projecting the final roster in May is dicey at best. To be honest, I will enjoy seeing names on this list swap places over the next few months (as long as the movement is not due to injury). That means we are learning about guys’ strengths and weaknesses, upgrading the playbook and overall improving the team.

Pos Starter Backup Practice Squad Miss The Team
QB Andy Dalton Bruce Gradkowski Tony Pike Zac Robinson, Tyler Hanson
LT Andrew Whitworth Dennis Roland Matthew O’Donnell Landon Walker, Chris Riley,
Mike Ryan, Ben Bojicic
LG Travelle Wharton Otis Hudson
C Kyle Cook
RG Kevin Zeitler Clint Boling
RT Andre Smith Anthony Collins
WR1 A.J. Green Mohamed Sanu Taveon Rogers Brandon Tate, Kashif Moore,
Vidal Hazelton, Justin Hilton
WR2 Marvin Jones Andrew Hawkins Armon Binns
WR3 Jordan Shipley Ryan Whalen
TE Jermaine Gresham Orson Charles
Donald Lee
Colin Cochart Josh Chichester
FB Chris Pressley James Develin
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Bernard Scott
Brian Leonard
Rodney Stewart
Dan Herron Cedric Peerman, Aaron Brown

One wrinkle I have contemplated is the possibility of the front office trading a guy who is a good player but cannot make the roster simply because of numbers, much like they did with Clinton McDonald last year, for possibly yet another option to make a run at the #2 WR spot. Perhaps a guy like Colin Cochart. But a move like that isn’t coming for quite some time.

If you view this list a little differently, please drop a comment and let me know.


  1. You obviously haven’t done your homework, Kashif Moore lit up the mini-camp. Scored on a bomb against your 1st rd corner on Friday and came back on Saturday with 2 more tds. He is also one of the fastest wr’s on the team,. Without question. Don’t count him out yet.

    • This is an early list and some names will change over the coming months, but I’m not changing my evaluation based solely on a rookie minicamp. Maybe he will keep it up. Time will tell. He is playing at a deep position with a lot of talented guys. But if he can earn it, more power to him.

  2. I don’t see how Cedric Peerman will be cut. If he’s a special team beast, wouldn’t he at least make the practice squad?

    • Brandon Johnson was a big ST guy too, and the team doesn’t even seem to be pursuing him. Personally, I would rather see Peerman crack the squad than Herron. But right now I think the coaches will be more curious about the upside of Herron than in Peerman. I won’t mind if I end up being wrong about that, though.

  3. Nice stab at this, I agree it will be interesting to watch the movement.

    • Thank you, sir. I think there will be plenty of movement, especially at WR. Binns is still creating buzz. There are at least 8 solid candidate for 6 spots, so it will make for a very interesting competition.

  4. Nice list Bill, and I am sure it is very close. I don’t think Whalen makes it, and I think to the surprise of many, Tate plays a bigger role in our O than people expect. Tate has great speed, and the ability to play the #2 and the slot if needed. I think Sanu is Ships backup, but Tate could fill in in a pinch. In a west coast O, YAC is VERY important, and Tate has more of these natural instincts than most of our WRs. My first guess would be: Green, Sanu, Shipley, Jones, Tate and Moore. With the ability of many of our guys to play multiple spots, we can afford to take a more 1 dimensional WR like Moore to try and stretch secondarys. Just my 2 cents….but be warned, as that would probably be over paying for it.

  5. FYI,

    I’m new to Bengals football and trying to get up to speed, so all input is appreciated. FYI, Moore is being used at the Z, the slot and special teams.

  6. Lawless_1 says:

    Is Pike even eligible for the practice squad?

  7. As of right now Marvin has all but gave Binns the number 2 spot. If you just watch Marvin’s talk about him he only has good things to say. He even said if the season started to day Binns or Tate would have the number two spot. So you can not have him PS if this is the starting roster of right now. But other than that it’s good.

  8. Shipley is just a shell of himself. The performance in camp so far is:

    1. AJ Green
    2. Binns
    3. Sanu
    4. Hawkins
    5. Moore