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A Closer Look At The Browns

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  1. bigtim says:

    one lucky year for you bungles.
    dalton hyped up like carson palmer
    back to the basement

    1. Sean says:

      why the heck are you on a bengals fans website?

      1. Bill says:

        It’s all good. I’ve got no problem with them defending their team. I’m glad their blog linked them here. They’ve been highly entertaining and, aside from the “You suck” arguments, slightly more intelligible than Steelers fans.

        1. Rich says:

          Hey Bill, Brown’s fan here. Just some thoughts on the article.

          The first 3 paragraphs were obvious (not a bash) and and on point. TRich – not much more needs to be said other than good luck in our division! Defense – Pretty good D overall, nice Pass D but horrid Run D. Of course, our run D was much more stressed than our pass D due to the fact a lot of teams didn’t have to continue throwing it for more points since our Offense wasn’t putting up any. I’m actually interested to see how well the pass D looks if our offense does improve and teams are still throwing late.. I am hoping they continue to be very good!

          As far as Little is concerned, of course we hoped he would come in and be as good as possible but he was a mid second round pick (not first round) and was not a starter for the first 1/3 of the season. So his numbers, considering these factors plus the offense he was on and he had not played competitive football for almost 1 1/2 years, were pretty good – 2nd in receptions and 5th in yards for rookie WRs. I do expect for him to be a very good #1 WR for us this year.

          You guys would know Rucker best but I am hoping that with the extended playing time he will show up and give 100% and will help our run D along with the young guys. We also need better pressure on the QB or else our DBacks will have to be Revis clones this year!

          As for Weeden and Colt I think you may have generalized a few things. Like you, I do not think Colt was the major problem last year and think he would have played better this year with improvements to the offense in general and more experience. Plus, I just like the young man, he is a real competitor. Putting personal feelings aside though I saw the physical differences with Weeden, not just body wise but also throwing wise. I AM NOT CALLING HIM PEYTON MANNING but like Manning Weeden’s throwing style is effortless looking and the ball comes out fast and hard. Just as important, when needed he can put touch on the ball too. So its not just throw hard all the time like Anderson was for us. We will go through some growing pains but like you guys know it can be a great thing with the right guy and the right circumstances… I hope Weeden is really good because damn it’s hard for QB’s in Cleveland, but I do think it’s a different situation completely for him versus the others (probable run game, offensive style, etc..). And even though I thought Colt was a steal in the third round he was still picked in the third round not the first like Weeden. You may think, as many do, it was too early but the fact is he was chosen in the first and will come in with the hype associated. There was a different excitement with Colt, being a third rounder it was more of “I hope we just struck gold with a later pick because everyone else is hurt.”

          So, being a Brown’s fan I appreciated reading an article that wasn’t a run of the mill bashing, even if I disagree with some of the points. And oh yea… Bengals Suck, blah, blah blah… hehe (just a joke)

  2. Kevin says:

    To get a quarterback with the type of talent Brandon Weeden has at 22 is not a “terrible investment” it’s a steal. If he was 23 years old he’d have been a top 2 or 3 pick this year. This wasn’t about assigning blame to Colt for the offensive struggles last year, it was about the opportunity to get a guy who has a chance to be special at the most important position in professional sports late in the first round.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      Kevin, As has been stated, you guys were this excited about Colt also. Everyone outside of Cleveland tends to agree with bill.

      1. royaldawgz says:

        browns fans were directed here by bleacher report link….and i for one was not excited about colt mccoy…. i was about brady quinn though…lol to be honest the reason i wasnt excited about mccoy was because of quinn… questionable arm, decision making and the inability to adjust to the nfl game…brady, colt and mark sanchez should start a club.. who knows about BT- he has tools that quinn and colt do not–but then again so did tim couch… haha

        1. Number 1 Fan says:

          right, you would think Browns fans would have learned to temper their optimism after the healthy run of terrible QB’s in Cleveland.

  3. brian says:

    lol i came here thinking this was going to be an “analysis”…it’s some casual, obviously fair-weather fan, repeating what he reads online.

    “I expect Weeden to be no better than McCoy and eventually just another entry on a long list of failed QBs in Cleveland.”

    bwahaha. dude, show some balls and back your opinion. any one can say anything from behind a computer.


    1. Bill says:

      “any one can say anything from behind a computer.”

      You have demonstrated that statement quite effectively, brian. You are gonna rip me for not backing up my opinion, then offer nothing to back up your own? Your game is weak.

      1. brian says:

        i did not make any claims! and the line: “ALL BENGALS FANS ARE FAIR-WEATHER FANS!!! <–see" was obviously a mockery of your lack of evidence. i guess i shouldnt have assumed you to understand that. silly me

        1. Bill says:

          brian, either you are claiming that what I said is inaccurate — a claim that you failed to have enough balls to back up — or you understand that what I said is right but are just bitching that I didn’t cite enough outside sources. Neither makes you look very good. But for a Browns fan, you made a good try.

          1. brian says:

            first of all, i didnt say that what you are saying is inaccurate. i said BACK IT UP!!! i’m not the one that went out of my way to write an article. i dont have to justify anything. you’re mad that you wrote an article without much thought and now you are being called out for it. it’s funny, i dont see many bengals fans on here supporting your “argument”…i’m sorry that bengals fans do not show the support that browns fans do. sorry that we are more passionate than you bengal fans, but at least we can talk FOOTBALL. your whole argument is that brandon weeden will not be good because we dont have a 1st round WR…well why? what is it that you have seen (or not seen) out of greg little that was holding colt back sooooo much?!? “uhh, cuz he’s not a 1st round WR” <–not even close to a valid argument. have you watched every throw that colt made last year? was it that he threw it on the button every time, with enough zip, and leading the receiver? and our receivers dropped EVERYTHING….OR and this is a crazy thought, but maybe if a ball is weakly thrown to the wrong shoulder, that maybe, just maybe it's a little more difficult to catch a ball consistently. greg little was an underclassman that missed the year prior, after being a converted RB, with no training camp. maybe he had a little rust? stop listening to what you read, do some research and make an educated claim.

          2. Bill says:

            brian… *facepalm*

            Please find where I said that Little held back McCoy because he isn’t a first round pick. Anything remotely resembling that will suffice. I didn’t even assert that Little had a bad year. I cited that he had 709 yds receiving and that he did not produce as was expected.

            Leading up to the opening of last season (when people like you were predicting the Browns would go 10-6 while the Bengals would go 0-16), Browns fans boasted loudly that McCoy — the winningest QB in college history, they reminded me — would have a great year throwing to Little and Moore because of how good Little looked in camp. I merely noted that he under-delivered based on the expectations your homies created.

            Now you want to make excuses for Little and put all the blame on McCoy. Go ahead. When Little drops balls from Weeden next year, which guy will you make excuses for then?

          3. SHAWN HEMPKER says:

            lets order 5 lbs of cannabis when were a professional NFL wide-out……..and you Ben-girls talk like you almost understand intelligence, Browns fans are DOGPOUND 4 LIFE, win or lose……it amuses me how many fans the Ben-girls have once they have a winning season…..that was he meant by fair-weatherd fans, just to clarify: your only a fan as long as your winning……go drink some more hater-aid and enjoy the ass beating thats been a long time coming this season from your BOYS IN THE DOG POUND!!!

          4. alekccincy says:

            Shawn Hempker

            1) What does Simpson have to do with the opinion’s of this article? Or even us as Bengals fans for that matter?? The guy is in Minnesota
            2) You don’t have the slightest clue about the fans in SW Ohio. Football is life down here, as is evident by our superior high school squads – and not just in Ohio – I would put Cincinnati high school football up against any other city in America and bet we come out on top. We have no less passion for the Bengals, only a serious socio-economic issue with the leaders of the organization. Whether boycotting the stadium was right or wrong (wrong in my opinion as a season ticket holder), the fans still love and care deeply about their WHO DEY roots. Good luck to your Browns, I’m afraid you are headed towards another year of severe disappointment.

          5. AB says:

            Yeah it’s funny when people have nothing football related to try to refute something, they just go back to the OLD standby of “Bengals are criminals”. Come on Brownies, get original

          6. bigpapabrownsfan says:

            WHO DEY roots huh? As a Browns fan living in the Cincinnati area, I have always hated the Bungholes but was navar quite sure why. The Browns/Bengals rivalry in the 80s was great. Then I moved here and figuered it out. The fans are MISERABLE.
            When I first moved here the Bengals were in the middle of a really bad time. During that period, I(a Browns fan), went to more Bengals games than most of those with “WHO DEY” roots.
            Then, Marvin Lewis comes along and brings some hope. The “die-hard” fans started coming out of the woodwarks. After a couple of years, they all started disappearing again.
            Now to last season. While the Browns were suffering through a season full of high expectations, injuries, new offensive and defensive systems, and the Peyton Hillis debacle, the Bengals were unexpectedly fighting for a PLAYOFF spot. Not just a winning record, a playoff spot. They had to give away tickets to fill the stadium and avoid a blackout. Where were all these “WHO DEY” roots then? They must have been at those high school games.
            I do not live in the Browns local television area so I ask the rest of my fellow DAWG POUND, how many Browns games were blacked out during the 4-12 season last year? I would be willing to bet it was less than the Bengals during a playoff season.
            For the record, these are facts and I backed up everything I said.
            WHO DEY roots my (insert explitive).

          7. YourMom says:

            Yeah just like bengals fans fall back on the “look how manny starting QBs you’ve had since 1999” how about you get original. How many arrested bengals there have been since Marvin Lewis has been your head coach is football related because ultimately it involves football players and those players are usually penalized by there teams or the NFL. Now what’s irrelevant is babbling about Cincinnati and their high school football teams, quite frankly I don’t give a rats ass about your high school football teams lol.

          8. AB says:

            @ YourMom that was about the most ridiculous attempt at taking a shot I have ever seen. No the fall back on the Browns is look how HORRIBLE they have been since they got a “team” back in Cleveland… just pathetic

            Come on son, get something that makes sense if your going to talk shit

  4. Carl says:

    Weeden is not as tenacious as Dalton? hahahha We’re talking about QB’s here not linebackers you twat.

    1. alekccincy says:

      ^^^Man these guys act like girls when you have an opinion.

  5. AD says:

    Come on, if Weeden were younger he would have been a sure fire top ten pick. If he does not bust, he will play in the league for 6-10 years and could be a very worthwhile investment for the Browns. What I love is the Bengals, who had one good year versus and incredibly easy schedule, and now think Andy Dalton is their answer. He had a solid rookie year, but just like Colt McCoy, he does not really pass the eye test. Not a strong arm, average size, decent decision making ability. The reason he even had a decent season is because AJ Green is really really good. So please, lets wait and see before we make idiotic statements like Brandon Weeden will not be as good as Colt McCoy.

    1. alekccincy says:

      Andy Dalton “does not really pass the eye test.” ???

      We all know you & the rest of the high & mighty Browns fans know football WAAAAYYYY better than us Bengals fans…so I’m sure you actually watched every snap Andy Dalton took while administering said “eye test.” But you’re forgetting something – Andy Dalton may not pass your so called “eye test,” but he certainly passed the stats/wins/rookie records test!!! Okay satire aside, if you actually think Dalton hit his sealing as a rookie… are dumber than I thought.

  6. Romer says:

    Greg Little provided much less punch than expected? How many rookie WR’s drafted at the doorstep of round 3 (pick #59) have come into the NFL and provided MORE production that Mr. Little did as a rookie?

    Upgrading the QB position will do wonders for the Cleveland Browns’ offense. Anyone who has ever watched football knows Colt McCoy is not NFL caliber talent.

    Poor Analysis. Poor, Poor, Poor. SMH

    1. Gouch says:

      HAHA. Yeah remind what world beaters Chad Johnson was playing behind as a rookie that he could only muster 329 receiving yards as a rookie who was taken at pick #36 overall. Same for Jerome Simpson, he even had the benefit of Ochocinco being hurt half the year, yet still only managed 1 catch for 2 whole yards as a rookie that taken in the 2nd round at pick #46.

      Colt McCoy is hot dumpster water. Weeden will easily outplay him as a rookie. Not saying Cleveland can win the division, but they won’t let two wins slip away against the Bengals like they did in 2011. Weeden would put up more points with the exact same offensive line and WRs and that would’ve been two loses for Cincy instead of 2 stolen wins

      The 2011 Bengals = the 2007 Browns. Caught a hellified amount of luck and snuck out a winning record behind a previously unknown QB. The 2012 Bengals WILL = the 2008 Browns. I’ve seen this movie before.

      1. Bill says:

        Wow, you are going to compare Chad as a backup to your team’s leading receiver? Thanks for a new angle as to just how underwhelming Little’s season was, that in 16 games he barely doubled what a backup did in just 12 games.

        And thanks for bringing up the ’08 Browns, because I caught the exact same grief from people like you in 2008 when I claimed that the ’08 Browns would be the ’07 Bengals. But you keep on believing that about this year’s Bengals. I’ll enjoy pulling out your quotes in a few months.

    2. Bill says:

      How many?

      – Doug Baldwin of SEA, 2011 CFA: 788 yds as rookie
      – Mike Williams of TB, 3rd rd of 2010 draft: 964 yds as rookie
      – Jordan Shipley of CIN, 3rd rd of 2010 draft: 600 as rookie… and the 3rd option behind Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens

      Coming out of camp preseason, all I heard from you people was how Little was going to dominate the field along with Moore. And his ‘domination’ amounted to just over 700 yds. I am only judging him as a disappointment based on the standards that your own fan base established. If you want to cry third rounder, it’s your front office trying to build a passing game around a third rounder. And what did they do to help him out this year? A fourth rounder?

      If you want to believe that was all on Colt McCoy, go ahead. But Weeden will be no better this year because, no matter how beautiful of a ball he throws, someone has to be on the other end to catch it. And I still don’t see who that is. So in a year or two, you all will be throwing Weeden under the same bus that just barreled down McCoy. Have fun with that.

      1. Gouch says:

        Hey Bill,

        Maybe you didn’t notice a couple things,

        1.) Colt McCoy wasn’t any of those WRs besides Little
        2.) Little wasn’t a starter until week 6. So he was the 3rd option for 1/3 of the season.

        And you mean to tell me Chad Johnson wasn’t a pro bowler as a rookie even if he was the #3 option? Shame on Greg Little, who with the NFLs 27th rated QB, no offseason mini-camps, and a year layoff from college football wasn’t able to provide more of a punch.

        Save my quotes. I’ll be here waiting to smear them in your face come January 2013.

        1. Bill says:

          “1.) Colt McCoy wasn’t any of those WRs besides Little”

          Does anyone… anyone… have the slightest idea what this means? I’ve given myself a brain cramp trying to figure out how Colt McCoy was Greg Little.

  7. Jbreezin1718 says:

    “….nor is he quite as tenacious as Dalton”

    Totally tangible argument.

  8. Will says:

    You sir are a sorry excuse for a writer. You should have titled this as One Bengals Fan’s Opinion, because that is all it is. Unless you’re going to back up your opinion with facts, don’t write one saying it is an analysis. By the way the Browns defense is not as bad as you say. It was ranked in the top ten at the end of last season, and will be better this year. Also, most of the draft experts have said that Weeden would have been right up there with RG3 if he was 23. Sounds like you’re just a little jealous about the Browns draft and your ego needs to rationalize it by writing this opinion.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      Will, you sir are a moron. You can probably tell you are on a Bengals fans website right? So it may make sense it is his opinion. What facts do you need? You want Brandons 2013 stats?

  9. TJ says:

    Bill, you’re sort of missing the point. The Browns offense wasn’t terrible last year just because Colt McCoy had no weapons. The Browns offense was terrible last year because Colt McCoy had no weapons, AND COLT MCCOY IS NOT A VERY GOOD QUARTERBACK. The Weeden pick addresses the second part of that equation, and the Richardson pick addresses the first part. I wish they could have also grabbed a top tier wide receiver, but you can’t address everything in a single draft.

    1. Bill says:

      In 2010, I was led by Browns fans to believe that McCoy was the second coming of Bernie Kosar. Holmgren even compared him to Steve Young! Now, two years later, he’s horse crap. And in another year, when Weeden’s numbers are not much better than McCoy’s were, fans will be calling Weeden horse crap too. And the beat rolls on.

      1. brian says:

        LOL wowo this is the second instance in which you use “what browns fans have said in the past” (whatever that means) to back up your claim. here’s one you can use for future “reference”: trent richardson is the next jim brown. you can even quote me on it. make sure you cite me as “brian the browns fan”, you dont want to lose credibility

        1. Bill says:

          brian, here’s the point: why should I be swayed by your claims about Weeden when you guys were making the exact same claims about McCoy two years ago? You guys have put your faith in and talked up so many different guys only to turn on them just months later: McCoy… Quinn… Anderson… Frye… Dilfer… McCown… Holcomb… You guys are the fans who cried “QB!”

          If you are honest with yourself, you are all hopped up on positive scouting reports. Just like there were on so many guys before him. I don’t expect Weeden to fail because I think he sucks. I expect him, being a rookie, to be roughly as effective as McCoy, and for you and your buddies to chase him out of town, calling him “hot dumpster water” this time next year as you get tingly about the next guy.

          Time will tell about Richardson. But you can’t blame me for chuckling that Jim Brown himself called him “ordinary”. (Before you get your panties in a bunch, I’m not saying I agree with Brown, just that your team is priceless entertainment.)

          1. YourMom says:

            You know what I find as priceless entertainment? 20+ arrests since 2007 and Jerome Simpson being arrested after 2 1/2 pounds of marijuana were tracked to his house. Classic, classic bengals.

          2. Number 1 Fan says:

            and… they still manage to beat the Brownies twice a year. it is classic Bengals….

  10. TJ says:

    I never said that Weeden was the second coming. I just said that Colt McCoy isn’t a very good QB, so the Browns had to address the QB situation (which they did with the Weeden pick). Weeden may turn out to be a very good QB. Or, he may turn out to be a mediocre QB. However, you don’t know which one it will be, and neither do I.

    1. Gouch says:

      A mediocre QB would still be a huge step up from Colt McCoy. That alone would tack on 3 or 4 more wins.
      The WRs were getting open, regardless if they were some of the worst in the NFL as a unit. Colt just doesn’t trust his arm to throw to them.

  11. Sean says:


    1. Jimmybrown32 says:

      Because you spelt there as their smart guy. Typical ‘ Natti moron.

      1. Number 1 Fan says:

        Says the scholar who used the word spelt….

      2. Joe says:


        One T at the end, so it is ‘Nati, not ‘Natti.

  12. brown swan says:

    Bill, I’m sure you have never over estimated someone or possibly in this case under estimated someone. Browns fans do want a good QB so badly that yes sometimes we fall in love too quickly. I’m sure somewhere along the line you have done the same. You bundle all Browns fans into the same category. I’m sure it was not always the same person who who claimed all those QBs were going to be great.
    Things change every year and many factors have contributed to our failing QBs. There are some who are ready to give up on McCoy and there are some who arent. I don’t believe the Browns knew before the draft started if they were going to draft a QB or not. I think it depended on how things played out. Richardson at three was a no brainer. Minus a significant injury, which by all means could happen, Richardson will be a beast. I don’t think too many ppl can argue that. With all the elite receivers gone at 22, I think the Browns saw Weeden as the best option to upgrade the passing attack. That does not mean that if they had been able to give McCoy better options to throw to that he still would have sucked. It only means that it really an option to give him an elite receiver and that Weeden has a tremendous upside minus being 29. Only time will tell who is good and who isn’t. There are ppl who get paid millions to figure this stuff out and still get it wrong. Who are we to say who will be good and who won’t. Its easy to say “I told u so” after a year or two. This arguing about you said this and you said that is so f*&^%$g jr. high. We all want our teams to be good and we are all wrong very often about who will be good and who won’t. Every situation is different and the outcomes are so unpredictable.

    Win, lose, or draw, one thing is for sure I am going to delight in watching Trent run over Bengals this year. Maybe the Browns wont even make it to 8-8 this year but I just dont see how drafting different players was the answer. They upgraded their team. End of story………..

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      wow, rational argument. So…. if opinions are ok, why is everyone here getting so upset?

      1. Joe says:

        When Trent meets a line including Atkins/Dunlap/Still/Johnson/Thompson/Peko + whoever else makes it, he’s going to piss his pants…

        1. Ryan says:

          Yeah, Im sure. Because he’s never gone up against a defensive line before. oh and the fact that he is 245 lbs would probably make him ok with going against your d-line. I cant wait until he runs all over you guys.

          1. alekccincy says:

            Actually, Trent Richardson has already been introduced to a Bengals D-Lineman.


          2. AB says:

            Damn I tried twice to post that link.

            TR is going to be good, but he is going to find it tough going against our D-line. I hope the Brownies don’t ruin him. I’d love to see him be a good RB for years to come.

          3. YourMom says:

            Trent richardson ran for 255 yards and 3 touchdowns in two games against that penn state defense with that d-linemen on it.

  13. aaron says:

    Weeden has a much stronger arm then Mccoy, the 2 are not the same. Weeden was very aggressive in college with a Farve like tendency to throw picks. If anything turnovers may be his ondoing. It should be interesting nonetheless. T-Rich is a faster stronger version of Jones Drew if he avoids injury he will be a beast. Little has a lot of potential, if he progressess in the finer points of the game and improves on the drops he will be very good. The Browns do have talent in their recieving corps and may be a number one WR away from being very good. Browns OL should be better as well. I think they beat the Bangels next year and give the Steelers and Ravens a scare on the way to 8-8 and return to competing for playoffs in 2013, unless Weeden turns into a pick machine like a rookie farve and T-rich gets hurt etc. then I conceede the Browns are cursed.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      Take this comment, turn it into a mad lib where all the names are just underlined. This is you Brownie fans every season, just one player away.

      So that guy this year is a 30 year old QB.

      1. YourMom says:

        Weeden will be 29 in October, Warner was 27 when he made his first start with he rams. Age doesn’t mean you can’t play.

  14. Aaron says:

    I don’t disagree with what you said about the Browns (and I am a Browns fan), I think they will pick in the 8-10 range next year but, Colt McCoy was terrible. Even when he had time to throw he was not accurate.

  15. Seubs says:

    Enjoy 2012 at the Mistake by the Lake. Your awful offensive line, quarterback, receivers, offensive coordinator and Head Coach are going to get Trent Richardson killed. I’m guessing we’ll be hearing a lot of this come the fall.

  16. Joe says:

    Bill you did a wonderful job in stirring some dust up.

    I think this whole issue of debating on Dalton vs. McCoy/Weeden is absolutely pointless right now. We have no idea how good any of these 3 guys are at this point. Yes we have an idea, but not the full picture. McCoy is taking a beating right now but in games last year against the Colts, Raiders & one other game I remember him looking pretty good. He even played really well against the Bengals both games. (Besides that hit Geno laid on him in the 2nd meeting. DAAAAAMN!)
    A lot of you Browns fans are super pumped about the possibility of what Weeden could be, just like us Bengals fans were last year with Dalton after Ol’ Pick 6 packed his suitcase for his sunny California coast. coughQUITTERcough..

    At least we’re not all Steelers fans right?

  17. Number 1 Fan says:

    Browns fans coming out in droves to strengthen the stereotypes. Here is 10 reasons I hate Cleveland:

    1. YourMom says:

      Rofl theres a blog about how much cinci hates Cleveland? How pathetic.

  18. SeanOD says:

    It seems to me that most Browns fans commenting on this article are basing all arguments on their own perceived notions that Weeden will be a good NFL quarterback. That’s fine. Although these things need to be kept in perspective. Last year when the Bengals drafted Andy Dalton I very much liked the pick but I was also level-headed about my expectations. I saw the Bengals winning 5 games. I was very surprised and excited about the outcome. As I read these posts, I can’t help but to think that there are not many Browns fans that are keeping their expectations in check. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Fans and writers alike. There is a difference between facts and opinions, but what makes a good opinion is basing your comments on pre-existing facts which is exactly what the writer of this article has done. As a rebuttal to this article, Browns fans shouldn’t be trying to call out the writer based on Weeden’s potential, but instead, agree to disagree for the moment and let his play speak for itself. People are jumping the gun here like crazy. Let’s keep things in perspective.

  19. Irishfootball11 says:

    I love browns fans that come on a bengals fan site and talk trash and defend their team. You guys are bragging about wedden a 29 yr old qb thats how sad it is that you have to turn to a 29 yr old rookie qb..Lets see you traded a 4th,5th, and a 7th rd pick just to move up 1 spot to take Richardson when NOBODY was going to move up for him then you panicked whenKendall wright went off the board and took Weeden when you could have taken Weeden at 37 because no one was going to moveahead of the browns for a 29 yr old qb.. Love browns fans saying that Weeden will throw all over the bengals will and richarson will runover them.. Nice excuse using cursed as the reason have sucked for so long and Another thing Browns Fans GET A LIFE AND GET OUT OF A BENGALS FAN SITE!!! YOUR PATHETIC

    1. Seubs says:

      Where is the “like” button when you need it?

    2. YourMom says:

      I love bengals fans who post blogs about how bad another team is. The browns traded a 4th that came from Atlanta, a 5th and 7th and still had 10 picks to work with. That’s very little value to move up and take the third best player in the draft. Even the Vikings GM said there were other teams willing to move up to that spot besides the browns. They didn’t panick when Kendal wright was taken, they moved to their plan B which was to take Brandon weeden. How is going to your next best case scenario when he player you wanted was gone? The browns have been to the playoffs once since coming back to Cleveland I’ll give you that, but what exactly have the bengals done? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  20. Reid39 says:

    Soo much to read, so much to say…where do I start? First off…Browns fans? Really? You all still exist? I figured all you bitches jumped ship to Baltimore when Art Modell moved your shit ass team. Get the hell off a Bengals fan site you morons. What are you trying to prove?

    We aren’t even in training camp yet and you inbred downsyndome midget fuckers wanna come out and start talking shit? You all must be more scared this season then usual. You wanna talk up McCoy/Weeden and how either one of them are gonna be your saviour? Child please, you’d all have better luck bringing Tim Couch out of retirement.

    Before you uneducated STD ridden retarded window lickers wanna come on a Bengals site and start talking shit, get your stuff straight, articles on this site are of the writers opinions and most time backed up with numbers. If you idiots wanna start a website so you can talk about your dream team go and set it up somewhere so all 8 of the Browns fans in the world can have a place to cry and bitch every Sunday morning. Get the hell outta here! WHODEY!

    1. Jon says:

      Say hello to your mother for me.

    2. brian says:


      browns all-time: 489-410-13 0.544, 8 championships
      bengals all-time: 295-379-2 0.438, 0 championships

      it’s fans like these that give entire fan bases bad names. at least he’s not one of ours

      1. Number 1 Fan says:

        8 championships, hang your hat on that. I mean, I remember all the Browns Super Bowl appearances. Wait, no I don’t…

      2. Bill says:

        Correction: Cleveland Browns: 68-140, 32.7%, 0 playoff appearances

        Unless you are a closet Ravens fans, the rest of those numbers moved to Baltimore with Art Modell, sweetie. They might have happened in your city, but they do not belong to your franchise. The franchise you root for has redefined failure on a level that even Mike Brown could not achieve.

        I’m not a fan of the acerbic comments either, but your compatriots were quite eager to go there as well, so your self-righteousness rings a little hollow.

        1. YourMom says:

          Bottom line, the browns have more prestigious history than the bengals do.

          1. Bill says:

            The old Cleveland Browns / current Baltimore Ravens… storied tradition.
            The current Cleveland Browns… tradition of failure.

            Naming the new franchise the same as the old one doesn’t make them the same team.

        2. brian says:

          you DO realize that the cleveland browns were a team before 1999, right? record books will clearly disagree with you, “sweetie”. jim brown’s number should be taken down from cleveland browns stadium and put up in M&T. you may not have understood that last statement but when a team has a really good player and retires, the team will place a number somewhere in the stadium in their honor. it’s too bad you’re going to go back to 12 readers once you writing about bengals stuff again…this is fun!! WOOF WOOF

          1. AB says:

            “you DO realize that the cleveland browns were a team before 1999, right?”

            Yeah and now they are called the Baltimore Ravens…

        3. TheIcon says:

          You have your facts wrong, Bill. In the NFL’s agreement with the City of Cleveland and Art Modell, not only was Modell forced to leave behind the name and colors, but he was also forced to leave behind all of the records. The Baltimore Ravens are essentially a expansion team, devoid of any past history prior to 1996. The Browns picked up in 1999 where 1995 left off. Hence, why there are 16 Cleveland Browns in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, why the Browns are still recognized with eight championships (and yes, the NFL allows the Browns to be considered an 8-time champion, even though the first four were AAFC), and why Jim Brown is still considered to be the Browns’ all-time rushing leader and not Jamal Lewis. So, yes the Ravens are the former Browns, the fact remains that, other than they had the same miserable, miserly, Judas of an owner, they have no other link. The Bengals, even with their two Super Bowl appearances (both losses, last time I checked), could only wish of a lineage as proud as the Browns’ lineage. The “expansion era” Browns have certainly taken a giant shit on that proud lineage. But, as a life-long, diehard Browns fan, I believe there are steps being taken in the right direction. You are certainly entitled to your opinions on Brandon Weeden, as we are about Andy Dalton. The fact remains, the Bengals beat 9 teams who didn’t make the playoffs and lost to eight playoff teams, including a Houston team that had NEVER been in the playoffs before and were starting a rookie named T.J. Yates. I’ll wait to see if Cincy can do it again this year before I give them respect. Until then, I do lump them in with the 07 Browns, a team that beat the Bengals 51-45 behind six TD passes from a jabroni named Derek Anderson. Other than that, nice blog. Glad to see there are real Bengals fans out there and not a bunch of people dressed as green seats.

      3. AB says:


        AAFC Championships (not recognized by the NFL) (4)
        1946, 1947, 1948, 1949

        Key – (not recognized by the NFL)

    3. YourMom says:

      Lol ok of they’re backed up by numbers feel free to copy and paste where the numbers are in this articles that state why Brandon weeden will be just as bad as Colt McCoy. Don’t worry I’ll wait. Browns fans wouldnt have to come to this site if they weren’t blogging about our team. Do you expect fans from that team not to comment on a blog written about their team? Get real, faggot. It’s really kinda sad this article was written on the 16th and the first comment came on the 17th and it was by a browns fan.

  21. Jon says:

    So just because I feel like being one of those “inbred downsyndrome midget fuckers,” I’m going to comment here. And seriously, grow the fuck up people. Is it that hard to have an intelligent conversation? And by the way, you wrote an article about the Browns, so of course Browns’ fans are going to get linked here.

    This feels like some asshole Bengals’ fan just taking another cheap shot at the Browns’ and their fans. It’s funny, you all act like your team is so much better when you have, what, one winning record every five seasons? At most? So what if we’re excited to potentially have found the guy. Colt McCoy sucked last year, and I can’t believe you didn’t see that when we played you.

    I’m hoping for an improve offense with Weeden and TRich at the helm. Little is that number 1 guy, he just had one bitch of a qb throwing it to him.

    Can’t wait for the season to actually start. I’m thinkin you guys won’t escape with so many victories next year. Better hope last season wasn’t some fluke. I’m just saying, I’ve seen it first hand.

    And just cuz, fuck you all. Most of you seem like miserable assholes.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      Read the post Jon, pretty intelligent start to this thread. It became belligerent when all the A-Holes from Cleveland showed up.

      Colt was the savior when he was drafted, you guys were saying the same things back then. Bill just called you all on it.

      1. YourMom says:

        Writing a blog based on his interactions with some browns fans is a joke. This city is split 3 ways on the quarterback situation. There are colt fans, weeden fans and those who wanted RGIII. Taking a small sample size from the few fans you’ve encountered and using that to describe the feelings for all browns fans is completely inaccurate. I couldn’t care less how you feel about Brandon Weeden, but if you feel this strongly about it show something that proves how bad he’ll play is all I’m asking.

  22. John Elway says:

    The best QB Cleveland has ever laid eyes on was me, John Elway. I looked forward to giving them an annual heart wrencher.

  23. G-Man says:

    Agree. I think Dalton regresses this year and the historically “up and down” Bengals fall back to earth. While the Browns improve and with a little luck close ground on the rest of the AFC North.

    1. Bill says:

      In the spirit of all your Brownie brothers, where is your research to backup your claim? Your brother brian will be sorely disappointed in your lack of analysis here. What do you think blogs are for… opinions?

  24. YourMom says:

    Wheres the evidence that weeden won’t be better than colt McCoy? You’re entitled to your opinion, but where’s the facts or statistics to back it up?

    1. Bill says:

      Stay tuned. A post about that is already in the works.

      1. YourMom says:

        Can’t wait.

  25. dwight says:

    here’s my opinion…GO BROWNS!!!

    feel free to toss insults at my poor analytical skills, my obvious lack of football knowledge, poor spelling, syntax, color of my socks, inability to speak russian, hatred of pizzas with banana peppers (why ruin a perfectly good pizza with them?) or any other flaw, real or perceived, that i might have.

    i’m a browns fan and everyone’s opinions here, mean nothing…except that you probably at work reading this blog entry as opposed to actually doing work…just like me at this exact moment.

  26. YourMom says:

    Andy dalton has no soul

  27. Marge Shot says:

    Clownish tony tiger suited team from cincinnasty… who cares.

    1. AB says:

      A comment like this and you have the name Marge Shot… (Schott btw)

  28. Marge Shot says:

    Clownish tony tiger suited team from cincinnasty… who gives a big healthy shite

  29. YourMom says:

    In all seriousness. What ever success the browns do have wont come solely from Trent Richardson. The addition of mithchell swartchz might allow the browns to play their more athletic TEs like Moore and Cameron with the confidence Swartchz can hold up on his own. Greg little having not played football in a year prior to his rookie campaign to come in and have 704 receiving yards as a rookie is actually pretty good especially seeing as he had little time to get used to the WCO. 4th round pick Travis Benjamin will also have an impact on the browns offense adding speed the browns haven’t had since Dennis northcutt. Finally, to touch back on your point on brandon weeden. He comes in more talented than colt McCoy already. He’s taller and has a bigger arm than McCoy and has as much accuracy if not more than than colt has shown in his short stint with the browns. Colts lack of physical ability limited the browns on what they can do. Drafting weeden should allow them to open up the play book a little more and drive the ball down field a little more. While he’s not the athlete colt is, he’s a pretty good athlete in his own right and should the line hold up will be an upgrade over colt,.

  30. Bob D says:

    Fact: Browns stadium sells out each week and we don’t have blackouts. How many blackouts were there in Cinci last year? How many will their be this year?

    1. Bill says:

      So do the Cubs. Doesn’t make them good either. But thanks for the completely tangential comment.

    2. AB says:

      Just means the fan of Cincy will only take so much failure. Cleveland on the other hand…

  31. Reid39 says:

    Jon says Hi, I don’t know why. He just wanted me to tell you he says Hi. Maybe you two have some homo-errotic thing going on.

    1. Bill says:

      Reid39 will be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, folks!

  32. Number 1 Fan says:

    This is awesome, catching venom from Browns fans. Bill’s post was fairly positive about some of the others on the team just that he thought Weeden was a bad pick. Even wrapped it with “in my opinion” and idiot Browns fans come screaming for facts.

    Nice post Bill, you can’t argue with dumb. Let the Browns fans live large before the season starts like every other year. You would think they would be used to crashing back to earth. I mean, they hang their hat on Championships won before Cincinnati even had a team. All of the people citing that were not even born when it happened.

    I would be just as angry if I had to root for that miserable franchise also.

    1. Bill says:

      The crazy thing is… I don’t think Weeden will be all that bad. I thought he was a bad pick because they could have made their team a lot better by addressing the real problem — the receivers — with that pick instead. A real threat to catch to pair with Little would have made both Little and McCoy better. IMO.

      Now they have to put yet another rookie QB through the learning curve. I think that expecting a rookie to produce somewhere around McCoy’s 2733 yds passing last year is not unreasonable. And this time these guys will be laying all of the teams problems at the feet of the “old man” that Holmgren picked as they sing the praises of still another new QB.

      Bottom line, if Weeden plays like a rookie, these fickle Brownies will run him out of town before he has time to show his full potential… just like they are doing now with McCoy.

    2. YourMom says:

      Growing up as a cinci fan I’m sur you were that miserable. He did have a positive thing to say about Richardson, but that’s where it stopped. His “opinion” I would have more respect for if there was some actual substance to back it up other. What receiver was available for the browns at 22 that would have added a different dimension that’s currently not on the team? Alshon is a big possession receiver. Idc that he ran a 4.45 or whatever it was he’s not a burner and that’s the type of receiver missing from this offense. He was the only other first round caliber receiver left on the board and there was just reasoning not to take him. Yeah it’s true we got excited about colt after his first season, but he’s shown there are limits to what he can do. If you’re a talented QB then you’re a talented QB. Kurt Warner and roger staubach who were also “older” quarterbacks when they made their NFL debuts and had successful careers.

      1. Number 1 Fan says:

        ok, since you want facts about a guy that has never played in the NFL:

        Look at his highlights from the Texas game last year. You could argue Texas was the team Weeden played that could be most like an NFL team. Every time there was pressure he made a terrible throw. He threw off his back foot often and even ran scared out of the back of the endzone.

        He was saved that game by talented receivers. Fact.

        1. YourMom says:

          Lol wow. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady both look a little rattled when pressure is in their face and their mechanics get a little bad. Hell you can say that about any QB that in the face of pressure their mechanics get bad and they look a bit rattled. Throwing off your back foot is something that can b fixed with coaching, practice and repetition. Btw, that “never played in the NFL” line is getting old. Trent Richardson never played in the NFL and everyone thinks he’ll be great.

  33. Reid39 says:

    I am no miserable asshole, I am actually quite happy with my life. I am so happy that I don’t need to go to Browns fans sites, or Steelers fans sites, or Former Browns sites(oops I mean Ravens fans sites) to talk shit.

    I find it quite immature and humourous that idiots like you want to come on here and start talking shit. The funny thing is you guys want to start something, and the season hasn’t even began, hell training camp hasn’t even started yet and you idiots are starting.

    You wanna talk about storied franchises? Lets talk about the Browns/Ravens/Browns. You guys couldn’t even keep your franchise in Cleveland, it took moving to Baltimore just to make your shit team relevant again. You want to discuss the past? Since your team came back in ’99 you haven’t done more then the Bengals. You have been a joke of the league just as much as us. (Yes I will admit, we were also the joke of the league) Now all you “inbred downsyndome midget fuckers” are extremely jealous, that the Bengals are now considered a relevant team with a more then bright future, while the Browns…..well they have a runningback that is young…..

  34. YourMom says:

    P.S. I’m still waiting on the data that will back up weeden being worse than Colt.

    1. Bill says:

      Patience, Daniel-san. But you need to pay more attention. I did not say “worse” than McCoy. I said about the same. I know that Democrats and Brownies like to use the straw man of mis-stating the premise and then claiming that the premise was not proven, but I’m not going to let you play that game on me.

      1. YourMom says:

        Fair enough, but it was about 2 hours ago that a post was “already in the works”. If you could write the blog about how bad Weeden will be, you have to already have the data to back that up, correct? You’re a smart guy I’m sure you’ve done your research on Weeden prior to writing your blog.

        1. Bill says:

          I’ve got what I need. My blog, my timetable. But now I’m going to wait a little bit to post it just to keep you coming back to visit us.

          1. YourMom says:

            Gotchu. Can’t wait to see it :).

  35. tswan says:

    Wow, Bill, next time you write about the Browns make sure you keep it 100% positive, you’re hurting too many peoples feelings lol As a Bengal fan I actually liked Weeden at OKST, he struggled with pressure, which could prove problematic in this particular division with the pass rushers in the AFC North, but overall he was accurate and has a fairly strong arm. He also had a dynamic playmaker in Blackmon which obviously helped. I think he has better pro potential than Colt McCoy, but we’ll have to wait and see as I’m sure 99% of Browns fans thought Dalton would be out of the league after one year. Richardson should be able take a lot of pressure off him and he has one of the better left tackles in the league and a fairly strong o-line overall. I do agree that they probably should’ve used one of their higher picks on a wide receiver to give him some more weapons. With that being said, it seems as if most browns fans think they have their own AJ Green in Greg Little, I personally don’t see it, but hey, he could develop although I’m fairly positive that he’ll never be quite on that level and he needs to make catches on a more consistent basis to help his qb out. All in all I definately see where your coming from, Browns fans are just extremely, extremely sensitive, keep up the good work!

    1. YourMom says:

      I don’t see anywhere when we compared Greg little to aj green lol. I think a lot of the people who are browns fans and who have read this article want facts for why he thinks they’ll be terrible. A lot of browns fans don’t like the pick and the ones who like the pick are in the minority. Like I’ve said before he can have any opinion about my citys team that he wants, but he better be able to back it up with facts.

      1. AB says:

        “I think a lot of the people who are browns fans and who have read this article want facts for why he thinks they’ll be terrible.”

        why he THINKS they’ll be terrible

        It’s called an opinion piece… smh

        1. YourMom says:

          I never said it wasn’t his opinion? Can I not ask why he thinks so? He had an opinion and I want to know why he thinks that way. He’s already agreed to tell me why, so piss off.

          1. Bill says:

            It’s up. Have at it.

          2. AB says:

            Aww it’ll be ok brownie… no need to get all worked up.

            What was it, like ONE objective Browns fan commenting on this article… seems to be the same everywhere you go with Brownie fans

      2. tswan says:

        Ya I got a little carried away with the Little/AJ Green stuff, I just meant that it seems, from what I’ve read, that a lot of Browns fans feel like he will be your playmaker, that’s all. I’m sure Browns fans don’t think he’s as good as AJ Green. Personally I didn’t see much of him in college and from what I saw last year, he showed some flashes, but seemed very inconsistent, but he is still very young. Hell, Green could improve in a lot of ways as well, especially on the penalty front. Anyways good luck next year

        1. YourMom says:

          Well yeah, he’s the best receiver on out roster so we have hi hopes for him as a receiving target on our team. He didn’t play football for a year and half because of NCAA violations so what he did last year was over achieving a bit. Not to mention he’s switched positions from wide receiver, to running back backto wide receiver. He’s got the talent to be a number 1 wide out, he just lacks the experience and concentrations at this stage of his career. Good luck to you as well, I personally like what the bengals are doing I just don’t like their fans lol.

  36. Douglas says:

    I have a feeling your underestimating what is going on and exactly what happened last year… all of these guys last year were thrown in together with little to no time to Gel as a family. This year I think you will see a big difference, laugh all you want. But I predict here and now the Browns get a wild card this year. At least 5 games last year were decided by one play. One dropped pass pass or fumble or a criticle moment that would have changed the whole game.

    I am calling it… we will get a wild card this season

    *signed A true fan for better or worse*

  37. DPG says:

    Not a Bengals or Browns fan, (Rams fan for 40 years) but do live in Cleveland and like both the Bengals and the Browns. Why are Browns fans finding this article so incredibly offensive? It was pretty straight on.

    And that “fair weather” garbage Browns fans trot out is beyond old. It’s used on Steeler fans, Bengal fans, fans from just about every other city, in fact (especially mine). I’d suggest Cleveland fans look in the mirror before they criticize any other fan base.

    The point is simple: McCoy couldn’t succeed with Cleveland’s receivers, so why will Weeden? T-Rich will help, of course, as would any viable running game. And the line will improve with Schwartz. But that WR group is B-A-D and the mere presence of Weeden isn’t going to help them all that much (if at all).

    Weeden’s stats were almost identical to Case Keenum’s this year. They played in the exact same offensive system designed by the same guy. Maybe Weeden succeeded due to the system, maybe not.

    The Bengals did it right last year. They took AJ and waited until the second to take Dalton. The team’s been drafting well and look like they’re building a solid base for the future. Cleveland’s defense is coming along nicely and even with the loss of Phil Taylor should continue to improve.

    Good artcle. Bleacher Rebarf was inaccurate when it said that it was “ripping” on Weeden. This wasn’t a hatchet job by any means.

    Try actually reading the article, Browns fans, before you pull out the name-calling. You like to act like you’re tough, hardcore fans, so quit crying when an article you don’t like is written. Bill didn’t say anything that most of you haven’t said on a Browns forum. C’mon.

    1. Bill says:

      Wow. Just wow.

      And best of luck to your boys with Isaiah Pead. I really like the kid, wish the Bengals could have gotten him.

    2. YourMom says:

      Again a couple guys have said that fair-weathered crap and all browns fans are being blamed for saying it lol. Colt couldn’t do it for a couple of reasons: injuries, lack of a run game, lack of off season preparations for him and the rest of the offense and his own physical limitations. Weeden comes in with a better run game, healthy offensive line, receivers who’ve had time to learn the offense and mature and better physical talent to drive the ball than McCoy. He pretty much did rip Brandon Weeden and the pick he called it a terrible investment. Pretty much the only praise he gave was to Trent Richardson and (surprise surprise) the DT from Cincinnati. It’s pretty much clear his opinion and this blog is bias and he’s clearly looking at the browns additions as a bengals fan and not using any logic behind it.

  38. AB says:

    Really funny that non-Browns and non-Bengals fans are even saying this article is spot on…

    1. YourMom says:

      I’ve already said Cleveland fans are split three ways on the QB situation. Ofcourse there are fans against Weeden and fans against McCoy, but I think its obvious who has more talent out of the two and who will give the browns the best opportunity to win.

  39. Mark says:

    Bengals fans are so stupid.

    1. Bill says:

      A fascinating retort. The depths of your creative capacity are astounding. Sad to say, though, not the poorest attempt I’ve see by your buddies on this post.

  40. mark says:

    well imo the bengals arent that good, barely beat us in two games and lost 5 of 6 to end the season! they cought teams by surprise early, but once game film came out on them, teams adjusted to them. A.J Green is a good reciever, if he stays healthy he’ll be a great one by careers end. Dalton benefited very well from his ability as a reciever. other than that I wasnt too impressed with them. we should have beat them twice but we blew both games late. were building through the draft and taking very few FA’s, only to fill in certain roles. this year you must deal with Weeden, T Rich, Benjamin, a revamped O line with a couple nasty additions, and throw in Little and a much improved run D, we’ll be pretty good oursrlves. But the richardson draft pick will be the one that carries us over!Plus we also have an off season to prepare with a QB who can make all the throws, unlike colt who has limited arm strength. Ilike colt but he’s a back up qb at best

  41. Brian says:

    You keep mentioning previous claims of browns fans where current players were anointed to legendary statuses. Like all browns fans believe little is like Jerry rice, and colt is just as good as Aaron Rodgers, and Hillis should be on the madden cover (oh wait that did happen). But seriously, Can you stop talking about these imaginary claims that “browns fans” (meaning the majority of browns fans) think and feel. You said you will save some of these current quotes to feature in a future article next year to boast about how correct you were with this article. Do me a favor and stop telling browns fans what they supposedly said about players and their team without the any evidence to follow. You’re making yourself look like Complete smacker. Most football fans wake up on Sunday and hope their team does well. Sometimes you get player that consistently produces and you like them for that. Most browns fans are no different. So stop preaching about what you perceive other people to think. Write your opinion and move on. But if you want credibility write some analysis that my 6 year old daughter couldn’t regurgitate from watching sportscenter.

  42. martin says:

    I have to say that I am a Browns fan but reading these comments here was much more fun than reading Browns fans argue, the Bengals fans are hilarious with the “hot dumpster water” and “horse crap” I love it…..seriously I’m laughing and not being sarcastic. They also aren’t really mean spirited so good luck to you but I still hope the Browns beat you this year.

  43. Paul says:

    CIncinnati Is a jock strap of a fluke year that lost to a third stringer Houston Texan QB in playoff and still get overhyped grade in draft????? Trent richardson was talk about by ESPN won’t perform good in Cleveland but didn’t that happen to Cam Newton!!!!! I predict that browns will blow out the candles on the overrated bengals next time we play them!!!!

  44. will says:

    You forgot the “s”


    1. Paul says:

      C-I-N-C-I-N-“NOT”-I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. me says:

    Face it, neither team has the right to say anything. There hasn’t been a playoff victory for either team since 1994 (Cleveland vs.pats ). The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since 1990. SO, until Marvin leaves and you get a motivator , it doesn’t matter how talented you are. Yes Marvin is what holds you back. How many times will the Bengals get into a big game and lose it in the first five minute because they come out flat….that’s coaching . Plus there is no home field advantage…nobody goes to the games here..what I like most about Sunday’s in Cincinnati is that I get to watch the browns on tv about six times a year during Bengals home games… Don’t brag until you do something worth bragging about.
    This whole draft argument is idiotic…to can’t rate a draft for at least three years. Is all opinion until that…if gio feels that weeden is a bum than so be it..he may be right and he may three years you drill him in the nuts or part him in the back for a good call. Why argue now? Tom Brady was a bum when he was drafted … Terrell Davis…bum…akili Smith….stud……David klingler…stud….kijana Carter…. Stud….you get the point, let the cards shuffle before you deal.

    1. AB says:

      You sir, have no idea what you are talking about. Marvin is not holding the Bengals back, Mike Brown is holding the Bengals back. Until recently these Bengals teams have been Mike Brown run teams. NOW Marvin is gaining more and more control and it is evident in the recent drafts and some of the FA signings. So, do a little research before you attempt to make an assumption on something you have no clue

  46. joey says:

    browns fans are the greatest fans in the league we just sadly havent had anything resembling an nfl team since our return! that being said i believe history tells us that the bungles will have a down year this year because marvin lewis is incapable of stringing two good years in a row out of them. bad management aside because the bungles ownership is horrible also , at least we can point to a new coach/ qb every three years , wats your excuse for being bumtiffic and inconsistant? didnt you have carson palmer? when healthy he was better than any qb we have fielded in 20 years!! so when cincy does something other than holler that dumb ass who dey then feel free to bash the browns! cle/cin take turns in the basement and 2012 is ur turn!! who dey that bandwagon jump!!! cincy!

    1. Bill says:

      Wouldn’t history also tell us that the Browns are going to suck just as much as they have for the past 15 years?

      Try again when you have an actual line of reasoning.

  47. RA Student says:

    Well said, turnovers, immobility, age (although 5 good years would be fine with me), and lack of NFL experience are his potential problems. However, McCoy has weaknesses across the board. His only upsides are decent mobility and multiple successful seasons in college. Comparing the potential of McCoy to Weeden demonstrates a lack of knowledge of the quarter back position.