Projecting The Defensive Roster

Domata Peko
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  1. Lawless_1 says:

    Iloka is a FS. I could see them move Reggie to SS and Iloka start at FS.

    1. Patrick says:

      No, Taylor Mays will be our starter. We’ll make S.F wish they hadn’t just given him away. Zimmer is turning this kid into a beast! Taylor Mays will play well this year as our starting SS and he is better than IIoka.

  2. Diamong says:

    I think Skuta makes the team and is our Game 1 starter on MNF. I’m assuming that Maualuga gets suspended for the first game or two. I see know way that Burfict is ready to start in Week 1 at a position as important as ILB. Even if he can play the position, is he really ready to be calling the plays on the field?

    I’m also wondering about the idea that Clements moves to Safety and Hall starts on PUP. Kirkpatrick and Allen/Newman start at CB in that case. With Moch’s suspension, we definitely need another LB. I would LOVE to get Brandon Johnson back for another season…or two.

  3. Success & Determination says:

    Patrick. YOU ARE ON POINT!! with the Mays comment. This is the year for it all to happen.

  4. Whodey? says:

    Bengals defensive line rotation will be scary I’ll give you that.

  5. Antoniomagon says:

    If Maualuga and Moch are suspended, there will be two temporary open spots for Skuta and Rey or Evans.
    If Hall is put on PUP list, there will be a spot for Newman.
    I don’t see Dye over Sands for PS.
    I don’t sure if Harvey has PS eligibility.
    Agree with the rest.