July 25, 2017

The Opposite of Green

I’m in the mood for another poll. Tell us who you think will emerge as the #2 WR in 2012. Maybe I’ll rummage through my desk for a lame prize for one person who can call it 3 months out.

[polldaddy poll=6273298]


  1. I think Sanu will take some snaps at the #2, however I think he’s going to be moved all over the field. Binns I believe will be the de facto #2.

  2. As much talk as there has been about Binns I think he’s the safe bet, but since he has already been taken….I’ll go with Brandon Tate….I think his experience, although limited, could catapult him to that spot for the start of the season. I doubt he keeps the position all year though. It sounds like the receiving corps is almost as strong as it was back in ’05 when we had guys like Kelly Washington, Chris Henry, and Kevin Walter coming off the bench.

  3. Will I Am says:

    I believe Tate will win this job. He has the most NFL time and has played more WR then the rest of the WRs working for the #2 spot. Dnt mean he will be the starter the whole year but think he gets it game 1.