July 22, 2017

NFL Should Expand Rosters

I am on record as saying that the issue of concussions will change the nature of the game we know and love. And I still believe that. Hopefully the league and the players will be able to agree in how to bring changes that increase safety but keep fans interested in the product on the field.

One of the changes being discussed is having non-team-affiliated doctors on the sidelines to pull players to check for concussions or concussion-like symptoms. This seems reasonable, since in the middle of a game, both player and team may be reluctant to sit take out their top players for precautionary measures.

If the league is going to take something, it should give somewhere else. So if they are going to reserve the right to take a player off the field, then they should allow teams to be prepared for that possibility by allowing teams to keep two more players on the roster, expanding the overall roster to 55 and game day active roster to 47. Having an extra guy on offense and on defense would lessen the impact of having a guy put on the bench by a league doctor, and it could also improve the game overall… at least on special teams if nothing else.

More changes will be made in the coming years as we learn about the full impact of concussions. But for now, this seems like a decent start.