July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 69 – Can I Interject?

Are you concerned that Brandon Tate is still being strongly considered to be the #2 wideout for the Bengals this fall? From all reports it sounds like Tate is quickly becoming a threat on offense. Special thanks to Stephen Reid of BengalsNorth.com and the Host of The Batereid Show Podcast for guest hosting this week. It was also great to catch up with a fellow Man of Moeller, Paul Dehner of CBSSports.com.

In this week’s show:

Mickey hung out with some Bengals players and coaches last week (AGAIN)

Mickey, Reid and Seubs break down some of the roster battles


This week we visit with Paul Dehner the Bengals reports for CBSSports.com. He witnessed first hand the 72 yard pass to AJ Green during Bengals OTA’s a few weeks back. You can catch Paul’s Bengals reports here. Give him a follow on Twitter as well at @CBSSportsNFLCIN.

Special thanks to the band Atombender for the intro on tonight’s show!

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  1. HAHA Seubs!! I blew up your twitter!! Too funny.

    I doubt that Marvin Lewis is any more enthused about bringing in Percy Harvin than you are, and I recognize that the odds of trading for Harvin roughly match the odds of trading for Ed Reed. But I have to completely disagree with you, bro. Green + Harvin + Sanu > Green + ? + Shipley.

    • Haha yeah you did blow up my Twitter but its all good. We need to get you back on the show as a guest host. Gotta get you a headset mic and a Skype account!