James Urban’s Shoes

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  1. Eric says:

    What is it with the lack of Andrew Hawkins love? This is killin’ me. The dude was money all season, and converted more 3rd downs that anyone. His speed and quickness are huge and he did all that with Jay Gruden having limited time to develop plays to showcase his talents.

    I don’t see how Hawkins doesn’t make this team, and contribute. Sanu, Jones, Binns and Tate all sound nice and have good size, but I’ve actually SEEN baby hawk produce–plenty.

  2. Kurt says:

    1) I would love Shipley to come back but all the talk about his progress seems to beat around the bush. Everyone is being too careful not to say whether he will or will not be back. This makes me think…no, he won’t. He’ll be on PUP.

    2) Binns is the #2 and Sanu gets the slot.

    3) Hawkins, Jones and Whalen make the team. Hazelton and Moore make the practice squad.

    4) Tate doesn’t make it because we get Adam Jones, Benard Scott or Andrew Hawkins to do the returns. Rogers doesn’t make it because he’s an average guy in a sea of growing recievers.