July 25, 2017

In Defense of Brandon Tate

Brandon Tate is creating a stir as the Bengals current No. 2 receiver

It seems that Brandon Tate is something of a hot button in Who Dey Nation. Some people seem to hate him and think he may not even make the roster this year. Others seem to recognize his contributions to special teams, where he was a pretty productive returner, although prone to some poor decisions.

I fall somewhere in the middle. He produced near panic attacks for me on many punt reurns last year, fielding the ball too deep or carrying it in a perilous fashion.  But I also recognize that he might be a good fit opposite A.J. Green this season.

Consider this. When Tate last played  a full season at wideout – in New England mind you, where he survived in a rather complex scheme – he had just 24 catches, but those went for three touchdowns and an average of 18 yards each. Anything over 15 is considered very good. Thus, Tate might be the perfect complement to A.J. Green, who will draw double coverage on many plays. Opposite Green, the Bengals receiver is likely to face single coverage, so someone who is a deep threat is ideal. Tate could be just that.

Sure, he is still an unproven commodity, and yes, he doesn’t have a tremendous track record in regard to decision making, but neither of those factors should have you neglecting Tate’s chances as the Bengals No. 2 this season.

He could be very good.

We just don’t know yet.


  1. Once again, I have to agree with you Nate. I understand why many fans want to bounce him from the roster, but it is short-sighted to just write him off and not give him a chance. If he succeeds, it won’t be because he just skated through with limited competition. His speed would give the team that extra bit of verticality that will open up the field for everyone else. With this group, experience — even if limited — is a premium commodity. Plus, if he gets the starting job, he won’t be returning balls.

    And if he doesn’t get the job, what have they lost by letting him fight for it?