Do You Believe In Marvin?

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  1. Lee says:

    I hope they extend him at least 3 years, he doesn’t have the best record overall but he has brought the organization to a certain level of respectability. But I think Mike Z would make a good HC if marvin isn’t retained. Also i wonder how much marvin staying last time was due to no other HC positions were offered to him.

  2. WHO DEstiny says:

    I believe in Marvin. If you don’t believe in Marvin, you must first ask yourself this question – if not Marvin, then who? MikeyBoy’s style is to promote from within so possibly Zimmer or Gruden? Zimmer has been passed over several times for HC. GREAT coordinator, that cannot be questioned. But HC?
    Gruden, on the other hand, has simply to short of a resume to seriously consider as a HC in this league.

    Who then, from outside the system? We could easily do worse.

    1. Bill says:

      I have never considered Mike’s loyalty to coaches or his high value of continuity as particularly wise or fruitful. He was far too slow in recognizing the need to move on from Shula, Coslet, LeBeau, Bresnahan and Bratkowski. He extended the misery of the franchise by placing loyalty over results.

      It is ironic, then, that of the few positives from the Mike Brown era, his loyalty to Marvin will be the biggest among them. If Mike had fired him after the 2008 season, many would have accepted it as a natural consequence. But instead he was kept on, and only now does he seem to be reaching the potential we all hoped for almost a decade ago.

      (As I think about it again, are there any positives from the Mike Brown era besides hiring Marvin, keeping him, and seemingly slowly turning operation of the franchise over to him? I can’t think of any others.)