June 27, 2017

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The Zimmer Era

Mike Zimmer, easily one of our favorite coaches, is bringing his badass style to the sideline for his fifth season as the Bengals’ Defensive Coordinator. He has overseen a transformation of his unit from a group that routinely ranked in the bottom third of the league into legitimate top-10 contenders. The progress is easily visible […]

Could A Corner Be Our Second Best Safety?

Mike Zimmer has been nothing less than a Godsend to the Bengals.  In his relatively short time in the Queen City, he’s managed to turn the Bengals defense from an annual sore spot and laughing stock to the unit that often single-handedly wins games.  Perhaps most impressively, he’s done it with a hodgepodge of parts […]

NFL Should Expand Rosters

I am on record as saying that the issue of concussions will change the nature of the game we know and love. And I still believe that. Hopefully the league and the players will be able to agree in how to bring changes that increase safety but keep fans interested in the product on the […]

Projecting The Defensive Roster (Revisited)

With mandatory minicamp set to begin, we need to squeeze in a quick look at my first pass at the projections for the defensive side of the ball and make a couple of updates.

Projecting The Offensive Roster (Revisited)

Now that OTAs are in the books and with mandatory minicamp set to begin, now is a good time to revisit the roster projections that I made last month and see how the battle leaders are changing. I have included the list with a few roster updates. As always, your thoughts on my breakdown are […]

Looking At Linebacker

With seven legitimate options to make up the linebacker corps and only six spots available, the Bengals will be forced to make a tough decision at some point. That decision may get delayed until October with a possible suspension looming over Dontay Moch, but it will have to come at some point.

An Early Schedule Breakdown: Part 4

As we wrap up this all-too-early assessment of the 2012 schedule, we have seen that there are plenty of reasons to allow a sense of optimism and pride to ease the years of frustration and angst that have defined most of the Mike Brown era. As this team flexes its new muscles, we will find […]

Ochocinco Is Now A Free Agent

The Patriots have ended the Ochocinco experiment, releasing him today. The Bengals need a #2 wide receiver. You know the suggestion is coming. Could you? [polldaddy poll=6295989]

An Early Schedule Breakdown: Part 3

I hope you have enjoyed this look through this year’s schedule so far. While nothing is certain in June, I think it shows that there is good reason for optimism that the Bengals will make a repeat showing in the playoffs when January rolls around.

WDW Episode 67 – Gridiron Challenge

Thanks for those who tuned into the live broadcast! We’re making some changes here at the podcast which may result into a shift towards more and more video. Timm made his appearance on camera this week. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to embed the video on the site. Thanks for your patience while […]