July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 73 – Training Camp Begins

The long offseason is finally over, Training Camp is here! The Bengals report to camp tomorrow with their first practice Friday.

In this week’s show:

Dre Kirkpatrick sidelined with an apparent knee fracture

Brandon Thompson finally signs his rookie deal

Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer agrees to an extension through 2014

We’re looking for writers! If you’re a Bengals fan and are interested in helping out, email us at podcast@whodeyfans.com.


BleacherReport.com’s AFC North blogger Andrea Hangst joins us this week to break down the division. (We apologize for the audio issues in advance, not hers or our fault. DAMN SKYPE!) You can also catch her on the F*Ball NFL Podcast. Give her a listen she’s fantastic!

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