July 26, 2017

Sponsored Post: Take Your Fantasy Draft to the Next Level

Does your fantasy football draft need some more excitement?

How about a digital draft board? How about an announcer that declares each pick as it’s made? How about custom images for your league and each team, or a song that plays when a team is on deck?

With FanDraft’s fantasy football software, all those features and more will transform your league’s draft into an action-packed event.

The software, which can be purchased at fandraft.com, is available for both PC and Mac, can handle auction or serpentine drafts, and can accomodate up to 32 teams and 50 Rounds of drafting. In addition to real-time draft clocks and streaming tickers, there’s also a remote-access feature for owners who are either unable or not man enough to be there in person.

With prices starting at just $34.95, it’s an inexpensive way to energize your league and enhance your draft.

If your league needs a little more excitement, all you need is FanDraft’s software.

Order today.