July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 75 – We’ve Gone International….Again

We liked him so much last week we invited him to come back on the podcast. It’s the star of The Red vs Red Podcast and he’s the Bengals writer for 2nd City Fanatics, the one, the only, Mike Smith!

In this week’s show:

We take an inside look at the depth chart

We read an email from listener Stephen asking us who is the Bengals most valuable player from a dollar perspective. Here is the link he gave us, pretty interesting: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals/


What 3 things are we looking for in this week’s game vs the Jets

Reid from The Batereid Show joins us this week for Name that Bengal.

Thank you to everyone who has left us feedback and positive reviews on iTunes. I love the positive feedback we get from EVERYONE. I appreciate the bad feedback too. Will only help make our show better. We do this show for FANS of the Bengals and we love hearing from all of you. WHODEY!!!!!

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