June 24, 2017

Questions From Pre-Season Game #2

The Bengals faced probably their toughest test of the preseason against an Atlanta Falcons team that is going to be pretty good this year. Really good, actually. Fortunately, this game brought fewer injuries, with both Gresham and Burfict being sat more for precautionary reasons than anything else. Click to the jump to choose one or more questions to sound off about PSG2.

How awesome is A.J. Green? On his TD catch, AJ moved around Asante Samuel like he was standing still, making Samuel’s strutting on the play before look silly. DCs simply have no choice but to double-cover him because single coverage is almost useless.

Can we put the questions about Andy Dalton’s arm strength to rest? He didn’t hit them all, but Andy easily put the ball well downfield when he wanted to. He said he could have gone deeper had he wanted to. The talking heads who continue to ask the questions either aren’t paying attention or just can’t let go of the template.

Are you worried about the running game? It’s hard to draw assumptions with BJGE and Scott on the sidelines, but the fill-ins were pretty rough. They gained 27 yds on 23 carries, with Leonard leading the pack with 13 yds on 6 carries. And don’t forget the two fumbles.

How worried are you about the secondary? Injuries have made this group difficult to gauge, but what we have seen so far has inspired little confidence. What once looked like a group stacked with talent needing some care now looks more like a triage unit needing to prep for serious surgery. Matt Ryan & Dominique Davis absolutely shredded them.

Where would you smack Taylor Mays? He is directly responsible the injuries to Maualuga, himself, and now Burfict. Someone needs to remind him that at no point in NFL history have bounty payments ever been made for taking out members of your own team.

Where is the receiver battle now? Tate ended the day with 1 catch for 6 yds, and Binns had no catches, although the balls that came his way were all difficult or impossible catches. Jones had a nice 43-yd grab, and Sanu finally logged a couple of catches as well as a TD. Meanwhile, Shipley’s slide continues. Among the TEs, Gresham, Lee and Charles each had a nice grab.

UPDATE: The Bengals have decided to waive Jordan Shipley. Reports had been leaking that coaches were not satisfied with his performance as he tried to rehab. That we could see it coming doesn’t make it any less disappointing now that it has happened. He simply was the victim of a crowded, talented field. I like the kid, and I hope he finds a place to play this season… as long as it isn’t elsewhere in the AFC North.

Where can I sign the petition to lobby the NFL to give the real referees what they want? These replacements are gut-wrenchingly awful. The NFL cannot allow these buffoons to ruin the regular season, because they will. Ending this travesty of a lockout is the only way the NFL saves face.

How soon will Weber get the ax? This isn’t a competition any more. If Nugent had not sown up the job before this game, hitting a 54-yarder (while Weber missed a 39-yarder) ended it. Let him look for another gig while he still can.

Who are you ready to give walking papers? My choice is Dan Herron. 12 yds on 8 carries over two games… against 3rd-stringers. At this point he is just a camp body. Parting gifts are awaiting backstage. Who is your choice?


  1. Good post. I’m wondering how quickly Marvin Jones will get to play after his strong start. He could be great on some fly routes opposite Green.

  2. ItsSkylineTime says:

    Agree on Herron, but I do not share your general appreciation of Leonard. Watching him last night was brutal – he simply cannot run the ball, at all, just to slow – no speed or quickness. He’s not an NFL player. I know we’ll have taken a step forward when we finally cut him. Here’s hoping Peerman is the guy that shoves him out of the way, cause he can double as a special teamer and save us a roster spot for somewhere else – and we’re going to need it. Offensive line looks really iffy again, no better than last year – they just can’t run block at all, and Whitworth looked horrible in pass pro last night. He struggles against speed rushers (even 35-year-old ones).