Questions From Pre-Season Game #2

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  1. Nate says:

    Good post. I’m wondering how quickly Marvin Jones will get to play after his strong start. He could be great on some fly routes opposite Green.

  2. ItsSkylineTime says:

    Agree on Herron, but I do not share your general appreciation of Leonard. Watching him last night was brutal – he simply cannot run the ball, at all, just to slow – no speed or quickness. He’s not an NFL player. I know we’ll have taken a step forward when we finally cut him. Here’s hoping Peerman is the guy that shoves him out of the way, cause he can double as a special teamer and save us a roster spot for somewhere else – and we’re going to need it. Offensive line looks really iffy again, no better than last year – they just can’t run block at all, and Whitworth looked horrible in pass pro last night. He struggles against speed rushers (even 35-year-old ones).