July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 77 – Reggie Kelly Interview

We welcome Mr. Number 1 Fan back to the program this week after spending a week with his family at the beach. Mickey was excited because despite being 12 hours from Cincinnati, he was still able to watch BOTH Bengals preseason games AND still catch the Reds vs the Cubs on WGN. The Bengals did get win number 2 of the preseason and the first team offense was finally able to muster up a touchdown vs the Falcons. Here’s to hoping that the Bengals can avoid the injury bug yet again this week as they host the Packers on Thursday night at PBS.

In this week’s show:

We look back at the Bengals win in Atlanta

Andy Dalton says “I’ve got plenty where that came from to his critics” on his bomb to AJ Green

Injuries plagued the Bengals win again, this time it was Burfict concussed by Taylor Mays, Gresham landing awkwardly while being tackled


We are visited by former Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly who fills us in on what he’s got going on with his career and some of his plans for after football. This interview was THE BEST interview we have done here on the podcast which says a lot considering we’ve had some good guests on the show. Check Reggie out on Twitter @reggiekelly82 and take a look at this website KYVAN82.com

Thank you to everyone who has left us feedback and positive reviews on iTunes. I love the positive feedback we get from EVERYONE. I appreciate the bad feedback too. Will only help make our show better. We do this show for FANS of the Bengals and we love hearing from all of you. WHODEY!!!!!

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