July 26, 2017

Odds are the Bengals are going to surprise again

Last season all the “experts” had the opinion that the Cincinnati Bengals were probably going to be the worst team in the NFL.  We all know how that turned out. Now, fast forward a season and many of the same experts expect very little from the Bengals. Most pick them out of the playoffs. Some fans look at the odds for more entertainment and more sports betting action, while others look too see what the oddsmakers think their teams chances are for winning.


For the record, the Bengals are 6 point underdogs at Baltimore this weekend and for the season and have 25 to 1 odds on making the superbowl.


Here is my prediction, the Bengals are in a tough division, but one where the top two teams have lost a step.  The vaunted defenses of Pittsburgh and Baltimore are inching closer to the old folks homes than the probowl and I think the youth of the Bengals will take advantage.  I think the Bengals once again make the playoffs thanks, in part, to a strong showing in the division.




  1. The Bengals will win this division

  2. 7-9. I hope I’m wrong.