255 to go…

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  1. WHO DEstiny says:

    Ravens L
    Browns W
    skins W
    jags W
    Dolphins W
    Browns W
    Pitt W
    Broncos L
    NYG L
    KC W
    Oakland W
    San Diego L
    Dallas L
    Philly W
    Pitt W
    Balt W

    11-5. Pessimistic me gives Who-Dey losses to Skins, Philly, and Pitt once. This would be 8-8. If we split with steelers and win one of the Skins/Philly games but not both 9-7.

    So in other words I think optimistically 11-5, pessimistically 8-8.
    May well end up 9-7 or 10-6.

    I think 10-6 will be needed to get to playoffs this year. 9-7 probably won’t do it. Jets look solid, which gives us 2 competitive teams in the AFCE. Titans look like crap so AFCS may just send Texans. We still haven’t seen San Diego yet but if they are decent then we have 2 tough teams in the West (with DEN). AFCN has 3 good teams. Put it this way – there will NOT be 3 teams in any one division going to playoffs this year.

    BUT…..As mentioned, PIT and BAL are/will show some age, so while 10-6 may be necessary to get in, 10-6 may also win the division!

    Beating Baltimore tommorow would be a great start – division win, and a win of a game most everyone, including most all who-dey fans, would have us pegged to lose. Donnie and I both put up 11-5 scenarios that have who-dey losing this one. So a win tommorow “buys” us a game and could either serve to: 1) help get a 1st round bye down the road, or 2) make up for a stoopid loss to KC or some other shitty team if they are caught napping.

    WHO DEY!!!