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WDW Episode 80 – Thud, Ouch, Doh

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  1. Quenton Watts says:

    Been along time guys, Im back! Well first off Taylor Mays should kill himself or start playing the ball instead of bodies. Second off, i was right, Janoris Jenkins should have been drafted by the Bengals unless we move Dre Kirkpatrick to Safety because Taylor Mays has to go. Third, why is Nate Clements still on the team at his salary and Brandon Tate should play with his helmet on backwards because thats what it looks like he’s doing anyway. And fourth, why we draft players and not use them they way other teams do Gresham and Charles should be Gronkowski and Hernandez status but know Donald Lee a work. Im still 6 stripes 4 life though, so WHODEY!