July 25, 2017

Offense = Yes, Special Teams = Yes, Defense = *farting noise*



You’re just as good as you are bad, but hey…we could be like the Browns, Jags, Chiefs, Saints, Titans & ‘Palmer’s Pathetics’ and be 0-2.  In that case, thank the football gods for front loaded schedules.

Hey Dalton!  (24/31, 318 yrds, 3 TDs, RAT 128.2)  Welcome back.  Good to see you again.  It was nice to see our ‘Red Rifle’ standing in the pocket delivering strikes.  Especially to our #1 A.J. Green.  Who doesn’t like seeing that guy in the end zone with the ball?  I also enjoyed the perfect bomb to Tate.  There is no problem with Dalton’s arm strength…as long as his accuracy is on point.  And don’t forget my favorite, ‘Baby Hawk’ zig-zagging his way down the field to his first TD of the year.  I happened to pick him up on my fantasy team this year and I’m a happy man because of it.  Offense…you done me proud!

Hey Adam Jones!  I hope we don’t have to wait till next year to see another punt return.  Stay healthy my friend.  I didn’t even bother to notice who was back returning until the ball was in his hands.  At that moment I turned to my buddy on the couch next to me (a Cleveland native) and said “Uh Oh!”  I think my victory gallop around the living room said the rest.  Tate also made some good decisions coming out the end zone this time around averaging 24 yards on 3 returns.  Special Teams…you ‘aight!

Defense, defense, defense.  You my friends are in TIME OUT!  Come on!  REALLY??  I wonder if this is what the huddle was like.

“Ok.  We sucked really bad last week.  So here’s the plan.  Let’s suck it up even more and hope that Zim doesn’t notice.  It’s a full-proof plan.  Ready?  Break!”

The only way to get worse from giving up 430 total yards to the Ravens is to give up 439 total yards to the Browns.  There are SERIOUS problems here and this week it wasn’t only with the secondary.  Our line could NOT get to Weedon.  This unusually old rookie should’ve been on his back way more times than 2, and one of those times was an accidental trip.  DUNLAP…COME BACK!  The middle of the field was still left wide open, Richardson showed that easily.  Maualuga, do you feel your contract renewal at the end of this season slipping away?  That’s because it is.  And then there is the secondary, that’s if you call what we have a secondary.  The best part of the game was Newman’s hit on Obi-Wan-Kenobi that resulted in a fumble.  I can’t imagine that Zimmer will be hungry for the next week after chewing out all the assess of the defense.

All-in-all.  A W is a W.  I’ll take it no matter what it looks like, but if we’re going to be considered a serious contender in the post-season we’re going to have to stop offenses that are way more talented then ones from the ‘mistake by the lake’.  Breathe easy fans, but know that RG3 is on the way, and I’m not losing to neighbor from across the street.