Disconnected defense

Michael Johnson sacks Robert Griffin III in Bengals win
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  1. Quban says:

    Lets just go ahead and say it…alot of it is the linebacks..and Rey is the biggest part of it…its been what 3years now…and he is still overshooting gaps and missing tackles…i think its time he goes

    1. donnieRedboY says:

      Agreed. Rey has it coming.

  2. Number 1 Fan says:

    What about moving Burfict into the middle to see what he offers. The Bengals are going to need to stop the run this week and we don’t nee line backers with the wrong reads or missing the gaps.

    1. donnieRedboY says:

      Is Muckelroy gonna take Burficts job then? Is Maualuga going to back them up? You move one guy you gotta tweak a lot of others to get it done.

  3. Eric says:

    I say give Muck and Skuta some snaps in the middle and see how it goes. I think Burfict will continue to progress at Will and maybe take over the middle next year when Howard comes back. Skuta is tough but smallish. Muck may be a better player than Rey though at this point in the middle.