August 16, 2017

Offense soars higher while Defense falls farther

Wow.  I don’t know which I’m more impressed with…our Offense or my prediction?  It’s good to have a winning season again.  It’s not by much but we should enjoy it.  Hopefully it’ll continue to grow over the next couple of weeks but you never know.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s look at last weekend.

Dalton looks better than ever.  19/27, 328 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT with a gorgeous rating of 132.9 which made him the best QB in the NFL this week.  He’s scrambling better, he’s spreading the ball around better, his deep ball is more accurate and I don’t even count that INT, the ball was tipped.  And don’t forget that other quarterback we have.  NO not Gradkowski…SANU.  I guess we have to give credit to Gruden and Lewis for dialing that one up.  Beautiful pass from one WR to another.  Speaking of the #1 WR, A.J. had the game of his career so far with 9 receptions for a whopping 183 yards which put him first in the league this week as well.  Once again mad props to my boy ‘Baby Hawk’.  That guy never lets me down and I hope to see him only get better.  Glad to see Gresham back in the TD column.  I’d like to see him grab a couple more this season.  The only disappointment in the offense was the running game.  BJGE just couldn’t get it going and Scott didn’t do much either.  Good to see the ‘Law Firm’ got another TD but we need to see him running harder and the front line blocking better.  It looks like Scott got shaken up during the game and he’s been limited this week so I’m curious if Green Ellis will be carrying the load by himself again this coming weekend.

The good news with the defense is that we ONLY let up 381 yards against the ‘Skins as opposed to the first two 400+ games we had.  We can give a BIG thank you to Mr. Dunlap.  It is SO good to see him back and you can immediately tell that the pressure that he puts on a quarterback was sorely missed.  Michael Johnson also had a hell of a game and it got him AFC Player of the Week.  Well done!  The bad news is our defense still sucks.  381 yards is unacceptable compared to last year at this time when our average yards allowed was less than 300.  The other, OTHER bad news is the injuries are still coming.  Hall and Clements both did not practice today and Nelson, Faine and Dunlap were limited.  And in case you were wondering, Kirkpatrick is still out.  Don’t look for him to come back until after the bye week.  Maybe if we get enough injuries on defense Goodell will start to feel bad for us and make some other teams give us some guys.  What do you think?  You’re right.  Probably not.

When all is said and done, a W makes me smile, and gets us one step closer to the post-season.  DNO?  Not sure yet…but it’s looking better.