July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 82 – Did the Bengals Borrow Another Team’s Playbook?

The Bengals lined up on the first play of the game, in the Wildcat? Maybe we should call that the Bengal formation instead? Did the Bengals playbook get left back at PBS on Sunday? Wildcat? A fake field goal? Who are these Bengals? Either way, it was a welcomed sight for some of us! Many of us were wondering “well it’s about time!”. The Bengals emerged victorious 38-31 last week and now look ahead to a trip to the Sunshine State vs the Jags.

In this week’s show:

Mickey is finally vindicated for his love of Sanu

The offensive gameplan by Jay Gruden was spectacular and was well executed, at least in the passing game.

Three, count ’em, three Bengals receivers catch TD passes of over 40 yards, a new franchise record for a single game.

The running game is still non-existent

Someone needs to knock something into Rey Maualuga. He’s play at MLB has been poor, to be nice.

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Looking ahead to this Sunday’s game vs the Jaguars

Michael Johnson wins AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors for his performance in DC.

Next week’s show has been moved to this Sunday night at 9 pm so mark your calendars!

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