June 28, 2017

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WDW Episode 80 – Thud, Ouch, Doh

Well, who saw that coming? The Bengals took one on the chin, and then they took it on the chin once more in Baltimore as the Ravens put the smackdown on us 44-13.

Flacco Awesome…or Defense Terrible?

Everyone is saying ‘Don’t panic…it’s only Week 1.’  ‘Don’t worry…they’ll get better.’  ‘It was only the first game.’  Well you know what, I am panicking.  I am worrying.  And I don’t care if it’s Week 1 or 17, if the Bengals are serious about ‘DNO’ (Destination New Orleans) then the defense has to get serious about […]

Week One Hit List

So that sucked. There are 15 games to go, the season is far from over, the defense can (and should) improve, yada-yada-yada. It’s too early to panic—no loading lifeboats just yet.  But last night’s 3rd quarter meltdown is troubling to say the least.  Essentially the defense was looking like hot garbage all game, and the […]

Five Keys: Week One Postmortem

Yesterday I provided my five keys to an upset Bengals win in Baltimore.  Here’s how they did on each:  1.  Score First:  Didn’t Happen I opined that the best way to keep the crowd subdued was to get an early lead—even if only 3 points, and that going down by 2 scores or more would […]

Cleveland, You Make Me Laugh

I knew it would come. I just didn’t expect it to happen this fast. Four months ago I was upbraided by a throng of BoneHeads (Cleveland’s version of a cheese head) for questioning the Browns’ receivers and the wisdom of dumping yet another QB. I was colorfully informed that the sum total of all of […]

Observations From Week 1 -or- Not As Bleak As It Seems

Well that sucked. [BTW, sorry to be away from you all for so long. Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun things. Thankfully I see the light at the end of that tunnel approaching for me.] It’s easy to get down about a 31-point loss. There is no denying that some things went […]

Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Ravens Smackdown. Ouch.

  In the wake of Baltimore’s 44-13 beatdown, it’s going to be an ice pack kind of Tuesday for a lot of Bengals players and Bengal Nation as well. There aren’t too many positives to take away, but I’ll mine the wreckage to see if I can find a black box. 1. I thought that […]

Five Keys to an Opening Win

The waiting is finally over!  Tonight the Bengals begin their 2012 journey on Monday Night Football from the very unfriendly confines of M&T Stadium in Baltimore. The Bengals couldn’t have (and probably wouldn’t have) asked for a more challenging way to open the season.  Baltimore hasn’t lost a regular season home game since 2009, and […]

255 to go…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written but that doesn’t mean that I have been thinking about ‘The Jungle’.  My Raiders tickets are burning holes in my pockets and Monday night can’t get here soon enough.  Even though it was two teams that I didn’t really care about, watching the season opener on Wednesday night filled […]

WDW Episode 79 – Regular Season Predictions

It’s finally here! The Regular Season is upon us! Can you believe it we’re just 5 days from the Bengals kicking off their 2012 season in Baltimore.