July 26, 2017

From across the pond, part 1

I’ll try to write a column a week, maybe for a Thursday but more than likely a Friday

The Bengals entertain the Dolphins this Sunday, sadly or not so sadly for some there will be no reunion between the Bengals and Chad Johnson/Ochocinco or whatever he calls himself  now. Instead Tannehill, Hartline and the Bush you can support and the gang roll into town.

I firmly believe that the Bengals can really beat up upon Miami this Sunday, not so much of a statement game, I believe they happen if/when the Bengals were to take it to the Steelers or Ravens. The Bengals though, have made there statement in that they’re beating teams they should be beating, remember those years when we’d smashed annually by an .500 Houston Texans? Or we’d give up 2 score leads to the Bills? For the past few years, those days have been a distant memory (touch wood!).

The combined records of opponents who the Bengals have beaten this season is 3-9, now the critics can point out that the Bengals have not beaten anybody with a winning record but surely by continually beating those teams who have inferior records you are showing consistency? Nothing is more infuriating than knowing your team should have won a game it was capable of winning, yes in the NFL there are no easy games yet the fact is you need to beat these teams consistenly in order to progress and maintain pressure upon the Ravens and Steelers of this world.

Yes, I would love the Bengals to beat the Steelers, Ravens, Patriots and those other teams with winning but then, for example the Bengals then go on and lose the next game to an inferior team then all that momentum has been lost. Whilst we can’t take wins against sub .500 teams, or even at worse assume a win I’m quite happy for the Bengals to continue with 3-1 starts, at this stage of the development of this team, beating the teams we ought to beat is the correct way forward.

Who dey!



  1. Great weekend to be a Cincinnati sports fan! Reds visiting me on the west coast for hopefully a couple of wins in San Francisco and the Bengals with an opportunity to stay atop the AFC Norris. This one scares me though, classic let down possibility after 2 solid road wins. The fish have pretty much owned us lately and even though the Bengals are the better team, will they avoid coming out flat. They need to come out fast and furious and put up points early and often! Whodey!

    • Mike the Brit says:

      I didn’t realise but the top two receivers in receiving yards, no.1 Brian Hartline and no.2 AJ Green will feature. The Bengals will need to keep the Miami offence off the field to neutralise their aerial threat, that means we have to see more productivity from the running game.