From across the pond, part 1

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  1. Thomas Abt says:

    Great weekend to be a Cincinnati sports fan! Reds visiting me on the west coast for hopefully a couple of wins in San Francisco and the Bengals with an opportunity to stay atop the AFC Norris. This one scares me though, classic let down possibility after 2 solid road wins. The fish have pretty much owned us lately and even though the Bengals are the better team, will they avoid coming out flat. They need to come out fast and furious and put up points early and often! Whodey!

    1. Mike the Brit says:

      I didn’t realise but the top two receivers in receiving yards, no.1 Brian Hartline and no.2 AJ Green will feature. The Bengals will need to keep the Miami offence off the field to neutralise their aerial threat, that means we have to see more productivity from the running game.