August 17, 2017

From across the pond, part 2

Oh dear it appears I spoke too soon

For those of you who read last weeks post, I confidently predicted that the Bengals could beat up the Dolphins and the Bengals days of losing to teams with inferior records were over. How wrong was I? And with a game in Cleveland this Sunday there is a possibility that Bengaldom could be 3-3 going into SNF against the Steelers.

The Bengals have got to rediscover there winning form this sunday, all the implications have been layed out but defeat to the Browns and humiliation that will follow will be hell for Bengals fans. I could roll off the stats, Brandon Weeden leads the NFL in INTS (9), Richardson has ran for 303 yards in comparison  BJGE has ran for 300 and AJ Green has caught passes for 493 yards where the closest Browns receivers Josh Gordon has caught passes for 175 yards and the Browns are 0-5 but none of this will matter if the unthinkable defeat happens.

I actually think the pressure is upon the Browns, they’re at home and the fans could turn upon them if things are going against them, add to the fact they’ve not beaten the Bengals for nearly 2 years and you have a pretty anxious Dawg Pound. The Bengals must find some way to play upon this, one way would be to have a running game to speak of and give Dalton some time off from passing to the ball continuously. BJGE must produce the goods this week or those questions coming from the fans as to the true worth of the running back are likely to grow louder and louder although if BJGE is dropped then who’s likely to replace him?

Whether it’s turn overs, running the ball or passing the ball I don’t care how the Bengals do it, just beat the Browns.