July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 85 – It’s Steelers Week!

Call me crazy, but I’m not sure ANY Bengals fans envisioned two straight losses to the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland freakin Browns. It wasn’t that they lost that bothers most, it’s how they were lost. No mental toughness, no swagger, no desire. It was evident on Sunday in the 3rd quarter who wanted to win the game more. The Browns were hustling, flying around the ball and the Bengals just looked like they were going through the motions. Let’s hope that gets corrected because it’s Steelers Week! Many thanks to all who nominated Who-Dey Weekly for Sports Podcast of the Year at PodcastAwards.com.

In this week’s show:

We welcome in a new member of the podcast team, you know him as DonnieRedboy on the site, give it up for Kurt Campbell!

The first half looked ok. The end of the first half though set the tone for the 2nd.

BJGE appeared to run a little better but the offense abandoned the run in the 2nd half

Dalton throws another Pick 6

Congratulations to Darrell Williams for winning our #85for85 contest!

We look ahead to the Steelers

No Polumalu, Harrison isn’t 100%, neither is Pouncey

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